Eye makeup / Lorde inspired

Products used: 

Image(Mistake on the paintpot, I used ‘Chrome Angel’)

Step 1

Moisturise your face with your favourite moisturiser/ serum/ day cream – Mine is Boots tea tree & witch hazel day cream. This product helps with getting rid of acne scarring and also helps prevent spots! 

After your cream sinks in (about 5 minutes after applied) look for red spots that you would like to cover to get that flawless look. If you have dark under eyes, you can cover that up too! 

Next dust your face using a stippling brush, mine used is Real techniques stippling brush. The powder is Natural collection loose powder. 

Once your face has a light dusting of face powder, contour your cheek bones with a matte bronzer/contour powder. Mine is Soap & Glory Solar Powder. 


Step 2 

If you are happy with how your brows look (I’m jealous) then you can skip this step! Otherwise, I love the maybelline brow pencil called ‘master shape’ and highly recommend it. Fill in your brows and then use a clear mascara/ brow gel/wax to set those brows! 

Step 3 

Use a pale base on your eyelids and rub it in until it has set – otherwise, i have found, that it creases. I have used mac paintpot in Chrome Angel. Next dust over a similar pale eyeshadow using a fluffy brush. I have chosen bourjois eyeshadow in shade 08.



Step 4

Get a dark gray eyeshadow and put it in the outer corner of your crease, working it in to the middle part of your crease. The shadow I used was MUA shade 2. Use a crease brush for this part. Next, blend it in using a fluffy eye brush until it has a softer look. 



Step 5 

Now you’re happy with your eyeshadow, you move on to the liner. Choose your favourite black eyeliner, either gel or liquid, and apply a fine line on your lashline. You can add a flick if you’d like, I applied a teeny tiny one! 

Next apply a pale eye pencil colour (preferably a white one) to your water line to help brighten/ widen your eyes. 

Curl your lashes and apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara. 


Whoala. Look complete! 

You can add lip balm, lipstick or whatever lip product that you’d like too! 


I know that this isn’t exactly how Lorde had done her eyes, but it is, in a my opinion, a more wearable/casual look. I like the monochromatic finish to it. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading & I’d love to see if anyone tries this look out! 


~Stephanie x 




30 day challenge

Day 24 Your favourite movie and what it’s about

Favourite movie. Hm that’s a tricky one. Can I cheat and give you 3? I’m gonna anyway. 😛

1 – Spirited away

Loved this movie since I was knee – high. Haven’t seen it in yonks, so i’ll do my best to remember its story line. It’s about a little girl who is at this carnival or something along the lines of that and she gets lost from her parents. She then grows up a lil and spends time on a boat with hooded people… or something… she meets a boy and so the story goes on… 

REALLY great animation. If you get the chance, I do recommend you give it a go! 🙂

2 – Mean Girls

So everyone knows it… A girl with no social status stops getting homeschooled and enters highschool. She makes 2 nice friends who warn her about 3 bitches. The girl obviously becomes friends with the bitches, but just to bitch about them to her 2 nice friends. Surprisingly enough, she then becomes a bitch, starts to like the bitches and plots against the queen bitch… All hell breaks loose and feelings get hurt. In the end everyone is happy again and friends. 

~Mean girls summarised. 

3- Any Jennifer Aniston movie

Seriousy. She’s a fab actress and her movies tend to be chick flicks – win/win. 


Day 25- Someone who fascinates you;

Josh Ramsay.

Day 26- A problem that you have had

Past tense? Hm.. okay It used to really bother me that not everyone likes me… but kinda grown to realise not everyone is going to. haha 

Herbal Essences – Beautiful Ends Review/Empty

ImageGot this hair cream quite a while ago in a 3 for 2 offer I believe. Firstly I have to mention the smell of this. It is delicious!! Something that makes me love a hair product would be the way it smells! This is a leave in product aswell, so it’s great having something staying in to nourish your hair! 

Definitely leaves your hair feeling healthy and without split ends! One pump of this beauty, rub it into your hands and apply to the ends of your hair. Next you either just wait for your hair to air dry, or blow dry it. 

Nice smell, Nice finish & Nice price. 


April Favourites ❤

So April has been a month where I have both found new products that I have fallen in love with, but also a month where I have revisited some old faves!

So I’ll jump right in and tell you about them! 🙂 

ImageHope you can read the writing okay :S I’ll go through each product top to bottom. 🙂 

Maybelline Gel liner

Can I get a hallelujah?! Finally found an eyeliner that’s easy to apply, doesn’t smear across my eye, doesn’t crease and also doesn’t chip/flake off. 

This eyeliner glides onto the lid, you have a few seconds to smudge it, if you want obviously, and then it just stays put all day. Brilliant!

Real Techniques stippling brush

Helps to give a smooth, non-cakey application. I have only used it for bb cream and liquid foundation… works well, but tomorrow i’ll be trying it with some loose powder! I do recommend this as it has dense, but soft, bristles that applies foundation nicely. 

Seventeen skin WOW highlighter

So this is a mixed one really… Some days I love the glow that it gives, other days i feel it has a sparkly finish that i just don’t like. I think the trick is to apply it below your foundation so that it just gives a subtle glow – well that’s how I like it anyway! 

Seventeen eye crayon

I love this!! So glad seventeen has finally started to do crayons… I can’t remember if they did them in many different shades… but i have this one and love it! I use it sometimes as an eyeshadow base, sometimes as a browbone highlight and other times just to brighten up the inner corner of my eye! Highly recommend this! Cheap and brilliant! 

Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer 

Covers with 2 shades- salmon for  dark under eyes and also yellow for red blemishes. Comes with a nice lil translucent powder. Not much more to say really..

Rimmel Max Bold Curves 

Rediscovered this fab product when i was talking about my top 5 mascaras (Earlier in the month, if you haven’t read it) Basically gives me a nice thicker, curled lash effect and also adds a lil bit of length to them! Love love love!!!

Clinique – Take the day off Cleansing Milk

So I have been being lazy about taking off my makeup lately – yenno, just using a baby wipe and rubbing it off. But I have noticed my skin has started to get a lil spotty in the past couple of days, so I decided enough was enough, it was back to the proper stuff! I have had this product for about a year and a half. It is really lovely – you rub it in to your skin – face and eyes and leave it for about a minute, then i would get a soft face wipe and wipe off all the makeup off. This is a lil bit expensive.. Can’t remember the price at all – but seriously, it has lasted me over a year, you should give it a go! 

Soap & Glory Solar powder

Loved this since Christmas 2012. I’ve mentioned this before so i’ll make it brief.. Left handside is contour, right is highlight. Love it! 


Eco tools face brush

Soft and fluffy. Sets the makeup perfectly with a lil dusting of powder. Love it!!!

MUA Lolly

Nice coral-coloured blusher.. Highly pigmented too! Not very very corally, just a nice mix between coral and pink… at £1 it’s worth a shot! 🙂 

If you have any questions about any of these products, I’d be happy to answer! 



As promised yesterday, I have tried out the products i bought yesterday.

I’m very happy with all of the brushes (mentioned below) that i had gotten. The gel liner was also a smooth texture easy to apply. I believe that it should stay on my eyes with out smudging throughout the day also – i will comment later if it smudges!

Great products and i recommend all! & now for the makeup look!!


ImageI love Rimmel’s bb cream, especially at this time of year as it is lighter on the skin, so you can still see the freckles!

After the bb cream is applied, i do a light dusting of the powder – I highly recommend this as i don’t find it cakey! 

I then go on to contour my cheek bones with the solar powder (I use the matte contouring side) and then I swirl the brush al over the powder and use it around my face. 

I finish the face off with a little pinch of colour using a nice matte blusher. 


ImageTo start my eye look off, i use my ring finger to rub in some mac paintpot. I make sure that it is fully rubbed in before applying eyeshadow as it will crease later on if it isn’t dried. 

Next i dusted,using the fluffy pink brush – any fluffy brush would work-, on some of the urban decay eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is highly pigmented, so not much is needed! 

After this, I used the bronze section of my Soap & Glory blusher (Cheers to products with more than one use!!) and applied it to the outer corners of my eyes. I used the black fluffy brush to do this and also to blend both eyeshadows together. 

Once happy with my eyeshadow, I lined my eyes, starting with a thin line in the outer corner and gradually (only slightly) got thicker towards the outside of my upper lash line. 

I then used the rimmel liner to line my water line, giving the look a bit of contrasting colour. 

I finished my eyes off with a bit of mascara – just one coat on the upper lashes!

Finally, I did my brows using Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow set. I love this powder for my brows! I recommend giving it a go as it is cheap and a little really does go a long way, i’ve had this product for over a year now and it’s still going strong! 



Hope you enjoyed reading and if you try this look out – or anything similar i’d love to see it! 

– You don’t have to use the same products as i did either, maybe ones with similar colour! 



30 day challenge

Day 22;

How have you changed in the past 2 years?

In the past 2 years i have changed completely. I have gotten closer with people in my life who actually matter to me and whatnot.. 

I’ve gotten taller (I hope….)

I’ve changed my hairstyle a few hundred times C;

Gotten an amazing boyfriend who has made me a better person

Helped with a lot of charity work which has really opened my eyes to what things could have been like for me. 

Maybelline Gel liner

I bought the maybelline gel liner today in boots. I am soo happy it came with a brush, as my current eyeliner brush is too thick, whereas the brush supplied with the liner is great for thinner lines. 

I’ve many great reviews about this gel liner, so i will keep you all posted on what i think of it etc! I will be posting about this at some point this week and may even post some pictures of how it looks! 


~Stephanie x