So I’ve never been into lipstick – always a lip balm girl, but never really liked the look of lipstick on me. I just kinda associated lipstick with grannies and whatnot.. no idea why!? Haha

Anyway, So this one time I was in my local drugstore, boots, and my little boots card (Gives customers discounts/offers etc) told me i had a buy 2 get 1 half price offer, so i thought why not give it a chance.

So here’s me, dandering down each makeup isle looking at the different lipsticks. Because i’m a huge fan of youtube beauty vloggers, i had different reviews of different lipsticks running through my mind. I knew from hearing from many youtubers that the Kate Moss range from Rimmel London is amazing, so here’s me going to the kiosk and swatching them all up my arm.

From past experience of pale lipsticks making me look ill, i decided to go for a darker shade. Because i have dark eyes and pale skin, i thought to go for a purple/cherry toned lipstick. I ended up picking up the lipstick, shade 107.

rimmel london kate matte lipstick 107

I found that this lipstick was drying to my lips and you could see the fine lines, so i now just wear it over lipbalm – as a tinted effect! Love the colour of it

I then went on to the Soap & Glory kiosk, because i’m a huge fan of their makeup products – i love their bronzer, blushers, concealer and primer – but that’s all for another post 😛 Anyway, yes, i noticed that S&G had their own lipsticks, yet i had never really come across any reviews. I went for their shade ‘Pom Pom’ again, a purple-cherryish colour.


I absolutely adore this product. Definitely recommend to anyone on a budget!! it was about Six pounds from what i remember. It has a nice matte finish, yet it doesn’t seem to dry out my lips like the Kate Moss one! This lipstick is great for the pale skinned girls and i didn’t find that it smeared across my face either! Great great great product!!




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