My Eyeliner Tips

Like any other makeup lover, i have gained a few tricks over the years i’ve been using different products. I’ve always been a lover of eyeliner, whether it be pencil, gel, cream, liquid or pen!

If there’s anything to sum up on eyeliner, it would be, if you think it looks right, do it! You love the cat-eye? DO it! You love nude colours? DO it!

Personally, i only really have experience with drugstore eyeliners, but seriously, when you’ve found great ones that are a great price, why would you pay more for something you may not like?

So, my liner tips. Have you heard of the spoon technique? This is when you get a spoon… hm i’ll see if i can find a picture …

spoon liner

I promise, it gives a great finish!

Another one, you’ve probably heard of, is once you’ve applied your pencil liner, go over the top of it in a similar eyeshadow shade and it should make it stay much longer without budging!

Love an eyeshadow shade and want it as a liner? simply dampen a liner brush and dip into your eyeshadow. It will come out bolder and should stay on your lids throughout the day.

If you want a smokey-liner look, blend your pencil liner in with a flat-top brush and for an even bolder look, go over it with a matching eyeshadow.

Another trick that I’ve learnt about is if you love your liquid liner, but you just can’t use it because either the applicator is rubbish or, well, it’s too liquidy!

Both of these problems can be solved by the most simple solution ever. So, one day i was getting more and more frustrated at the applicator of my favourite liquid liner – collection 2000 ‘Fast Stroke’ – Its staying power is great, but i always found that it would be rare for it to look okay after the ridiculous application. So anyway yes, i thought hey, what if i dip my dried out felt tip liner into this liquid liner? and so i did and heyho, i now have a felt tip collection 2000 liner. Brilliant! This can be done with any liner – whether it be gel,cream or liquid, you simply need a pen liner (even a cheaper one as you won’t be needing the ink inside it) and dip it in. -Liquid Liner made easy.

Hope these lil tips helped!



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