My top 5 mascaras

Mascara is a product that really, something one person loves another could hate. Since i was about 12, i would never leave the house without some mascara on, whether it be clear, brown, black or bold blue.

There are 5 mascaras that i cannot rave enough about however.


rimmel mascaraRimmel max bold curves is my number one mascara. I have repurchased this and repurchased at least 7 times. I love the formula – you can wear one layer and your eyelashes look gorgeous, or you can layer it up and still avoid spider lashes. I don;t think i’ve ever heard someone rave about this product… but seriously – next time you’re in your drugstore lift it up… only about £5, so if you hate it it’s not a big loss anyway.


Soap and gloryNumber 2 in my favourite mascaras would have to be Soap & Glory’s thick and fast. I have many things i have to say about this. Although every time i apply this i immediately fall back in love with it – one swipe over the lashes and they are voluminous, thick and long. However, I have noticed, when worn on its own it smudges all down my face (Seriously girl, that’s just not cute.) However, i have found a way to avoid this, if you used this and then have a thin layer of a different mascara over it, your mascara should stay put all day and still have the great volume effect.



Rocket Volume express by the well known, Maybelline, has to be mentioned somewhere on this! Does what it says – one layer and your eyelashes have beautiful volume, however i would highly recommend not trying to layer this mascara … Yenno, unless you love the spider-lashes…


So, let’s face it, what beauty blogger hasn’t mentioned the greatness of Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ before?! And I am no different. Although I haven’t tried any of the others, I cannot rave enough about the falsies flared. Unlike the rocket one (named above) this formula is definitely buildable and still gives you that supermodel-lash effect. 5-star product!!

seventeen wild curls

My fifth and final product is ‘seventeen Wild Curls’ This is another product that i have repurchased over and over. I love this. Seriously, it is oh so cheap and the finish it gives to my lashes is incredible. Being blessed with longer lashes makes my life with mascaras an awful lot easier than those with shorter and thinner ones, but this mascara may in fact be my favourite of the bunch! I love curling my lashes before i apply my mascara, but if using this i don’t even need to. Definitely 10/10 100% recommend! 🙂







7 thoughts on “My top 5 mascaras

  1. Great post Stephanie! I have really straight lashes and find it difficult to find mascara that makes much of a difference! Which one would you suggest would be the best for straight lashes that are hard to curl? I already use the falsies.. which I do really like but still struggle to hold any curl 😦 WAH! x

    • Thanks! Well, I’d say if you want to hold a curl, use a lash curler and hold it on your lash for about 5 seconds and then do a coat of the maybelline rocket volume as it really does hold your curl and give volume!
      However, I know that the seventeen wild curls also gives you a great curl and holds it in place too! just apply it from the base of your lash and wiggle it through your lash – it may just give me a better curl though because i have longer lashes though! Hope this made sense/ helped!! 🙂 xx

      • Total sense thanks Lovely! I do have an eyelash curler that i’ve just given up on.. Just does not seem to make a difference.. It was only £4 from superdrug so maybe I need to invest in a more expensive one! xx

      • Hm, i don’t really know if a more expensive one can be any better than a cheaper one? I got mine from the no.7 range in boots… about £8..
        I do however recommend that (If you have a steady hand) you heat it up using your hair dryer for about 10 seconds and then curl your lashes – it should help the curl stay in place! xx

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