All About HAIR

So me being a teenager and telling you i’m obsessed with hair – long hair, short hair, straight hair or curly hair should be no surprise to you. I’ve gone through many many different styles… For now however, i’m trying to grow it out! 

I’ve done anything and everything that i’ve heard about/ read about that should help your hair grow quicker… That goes from putting mayonnaise in it, olive oil or even an egg in it.

Long healthy hair is what i would love. But the only few things that i have noticed to help my hair grow faster would be the following;;;

>>Stop washing it!

No, this doesn’t mean altogether… that’d be gross! But, if you wash your hair everyday because your hair is ‘oily’, This is because you wash it everyday? Ok, let me explain… Your body produces oil on your head as a natural type of thing (I’m not really going to go into the science of it) If you strip away those oils (by washing it with shampoo), it is going to make more. If you do this everyday it will continue to make oils at the same rate. 

However, if you wait a day (yes just a day) in between washing, you will notice that after about the 3rd time you’ve done this, your hair will be less greasy on the second day than it would have been previously. Once you have noticed that it has become less greasy, skip another day out. Keep going with this until you are basically washing your hair about once, maybe twice a week. 

I know it sounds kinda gross, but i promise you that you will notice your hair will all of a sudden be about an inch, maybe even two inches longer than it would be at the end of the month. Also, you can still shower obviously, just make sure no products touch your hair! 

>>Massage your head

Okay. To make this a little more to the point compared to my last tip, massage your head for about 10-20 minutes each day. Maybe when you’re watching your fave TV programme, or whenever really! If you do this, it stimulates your hair follicles, bringing more blood flow up to your head, which should help stimulate growth. You may think this is an old wives tale, but i promise you that since i started, i’ve noticed a difference! 

>>Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

If the two tips above don’t seem to be doing anything for you, i recommend this product. I used it about 3 years ago and it definitely made my hair grow past that length that it just seems to stay at. It is about £7, so just give it a chance, if it doesn’t seem to help your hair grow, it does at least give it great moisture, smell and shine! I wouldn’t however recommend the shampoo or conditioner, just the tub of it… and it does say to apply it all over your hair, but i’d say just apply to your roots if you want the product to last – after all, your hair grows from your roots! 

>>Hot oil treatment 

Many many haircare brands now have their own hot oil treatments, I’ve used the vo5 one to help cure my friizz (It did so brilliantly too) But you can use something that you probably have in your kitchen cupboard, olive oil. Heat this in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then apply straight to your roots. Let this sit for as long as you like (preferably 20+ mins) and then wash out with a shampoo – i found baby shampoos get the olive oil the best. You will need to really scrub your hair to get all of the oil out, but once you do your hair should feel great and soft. You can then apply your favourite conditioner to your tips and then dry your hair. 


Hope I’ve helped, if you have any questions just leave one below, i’m happy to help! 🙂



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