March Makeup faves

ImageMac prolongwear paint pot ‘CHROME ANGEL’

Not going to lie, i’ve always been sceptical of this product. I’m not one to believe all the ‘hype’, but after a while i decided to purchase one. I originally thought that £15 was a bit steep for a teeeny tiny pot, but honestly it’s worth it. I got a light shade because id typically wear lighter colours anyway. Absolutely love this. Acts as a primer – no creasing! However, if there’s one thing i’ve learnt with this product is a little goes a long way. If you apply too much it will crease. Definitely recommend this. I’ve heard Maybelline do one very similar to this… might give them a go? If you have tried it, mind telling me what it’s like? 

ImageSoap & Glory ‘Solar Power’

I love this product!! I use the left handside as a contour as it is matte and then use the right handside as a highlight. Really great product, nice pigmentation – highly recommend for the paler girls like myself as it doesn’t come out orange like many other bronzers do. I’m pretty sure this comes in two shades as well, so tanned people can use too! 

ImageMaybelline ‘Brow drama’

Perfect for a lil eyebrow tinting and basically makes your brows stay in place – yenno… the sticky-outy hairs… haha I think it’s an alright-dupe for Benefit’s ‘speed brow’ – not exactly the same, but if you’re on a budget it still does the job nicely! 

ImageBourjois Paris eyeshadow shade 08

Another love! Lovely champaign shade, no glitter, just a nice shimmer to it. Lovely pigmentation and perfect for those days with just a lil eyeshadow and mascara – perfect!! 🙂

ImageMaybelline ‘Master Shape’ brow pencil

Repurchased this earlier in the month because my last one got used right up! Is basically the exact same shade as my brows. Not too waxy and also not too stiff (So i don’t have to lean too heavily on my head) I think it comes in 2 or 3 different shades, highly recommend.. only about £2.99 too! BARGAIN! 😛 

ImageRimmel London ‘max bold curves’ 

another repurchase, Gives great curl and length without giving the ‘spider’ look! Absolutely adore this! 


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