Healthier Lifestyle

So today I thought ‘haven’t gone outside for a walk/ run in a while’ (Earlier in the year i was out every night either taking the pooch for a walk or just going for a lil jog/run.) So I got my trainers on and grabbed my ipod. I was appalled by my lack of fitness – seriously, what used to be a forty-minute-jog/20 minute run was a 5 minute struggle. I swallowed at least 7 flies, choked on my own breath and couldn’t go any further. 

So when i struggled back home i thought to myself how i had gone back to this lazy style of living?! Mostly exam stress if i’m honest. So starting from now, I’m aiming to get to a slimmer body bit by bit… and i’ll do this by building up my stamina again – going for more walks turning that into a jog then eventually back to running. 

My diet will need to improve also – just made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow a few minutes ago.. but if i’m going to truly stay motivated I’ll post about each day on this. Hey – maybe it can inspire a few others or even give you recipe ideas!

For my breakfast i made a smoothie I used

-1/2 cup of frozen berries

-1 very very ripe kiwi

-1 cup of cold green tea 

-1 tsp of honey

-2 tbsp oats

I just blended all these ingredients up and it’s now in the fridge ready for me to drink in the morning. I used to make these for every morning earlier in the year – I think it’s a great, refreshing drink to help wake me up in the morning. It’s great for people that aren’t a fan of breakfasts. 🙂 

For lunch

-Black&green olives


-Red pepper


-Green beans

I got a small portion of each of these vegetables and put them in a tub, ready for lunch time. 

I’m looking forward to having proper foods in my diet again, definitely gives a healthier feeling. Let me know if you have any yummy, healthy recipes that i could try out… I’m not really a fussy eater so any suggestions would be great! 




2 thoughts on “Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Good for you for getting back out there, even if you were only able to run for 5 minutes. That’s more than a lot of people! If you keep at it, you’ll see you’ll get your stamina back up pretty quickly! Your ideas for breakfast and lunch are great! One thing I like to do to keep healthy foods on hand is to make a big batch of roasted veggies (little olive oil, salt and pepper, assorted veggies broccoli, sweet potatoes, beets, onions, brussels sprouts etc whatever you like and roast at 400 degrees until everything is carmelized and soft) early in the week and then I always have a healthy snack or half of my lunch already ready to go. It makes a big difference in me getting my veggies in when I prepare ahead of time. Good luck on your journey to be healthier!

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