30 Day Challenge

-Missed quite a few, so i’ll do them now 🙂

Day Six, write 30 interesting facts about yourself

Well i’m not sure if i can get 30, but let’s give it a shot…

1I can touch my nose with my tongue,2My natural hair colour is a gingery brown, 3 i used to do archery and won several northern ireland/uk championships,4 i’m northern irish 5Im doing my GCSEs in school  ‎6, i’m 17 in July 7,I have a boyfriend 8i play piano 9My bestfriend lives in Scotland, 10I have a pet dog 11My pet dog is ginger too haha 12I have 13 ear piercings 14 I’ve gone from being really poor health to good health 15My favourite number is four, 1‎6I love the All American Rejects 17, I love Marianas Trench 18I’m stopping at 20, this is too difficult haha 19My favourite colour is green 20 I love the Harry Potter books

Day 7, your zodiac sign and do you think it matches your personality?

Well I’m a cancer and i don’t really know much about zodiac signs, so i couldn’t tell yaaa

Day 8, A day you felt most satisfied with life

Wow, okay I have a few

When I stuck up for myself to this horrid girl 

When I stuck up for myself to this horrid guy 

Sitting happy with my boyfriend 

When I got let out of hospital after a bad car accident 

Day 9, how you hope your future will be like

Like anyone else, I hope my future is bright and happy. 🙂 




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