30 day challenge

Day 11;

Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that come up

1. Rocky Balboa – Scouting for girls

2 Hot ‘N cold – Katy Perry

3 Bad day – Darwin Deez

4 Bleed into your mind – The All American Rejects

5 All to myself – Marianas trench

6 Girls – Marina and the Diamonds

7 Back to me – The all American Rejects

8 Here it goes again – OK GO

9 Buzzcut Season – Lorde

10 Vertigo – Marianas trench

Day 12

Bullet your whole day;

  • Wake up at like 5:50 
  • Go back to sleep
  • Wake up at like 9:00
  • Try to sleep again, if i can’t, get up
  • Get some books out to do revision
  • Watch desperate housewives
  • Make lunch
  • Go out for a walk
  • Have dinner
  • Watch tv
  • SLEEP.

Day 13

Somewhere you’d like to move/visit

I’d love to visit Italy and America. Love to go shopping in America… But, (for now) I’m happy in N.I 🙂


Day 14

Your earliest memory

I really really have no idea aw. :L 


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