Finally I was at the local drugstore today before the gym and bought myself some new products! It was 3 for 2, so I had decided to get myself some new face brushes. I haven’t gotten myself proper face brushes since 2011 (Christmas money) – They were the Fearne Cotten gift set.. double ended brushes… not too bad to be honest! 

But yes, I knew that the reason my face makeup wasn’t looking right (Always looked cakey) was because of the brushes i had been using. So i looked up on the boots website yesterday different brushes that people were recommending. Eco tools and Real techniques that were getting 5 stars. So today, in boots i picked up Real techniques kabuki and Eco tools face brush. 

First impressions

So I have been very interested in flat top kabuki brushes for ageeees and when i did the typical swirl the brush on hand and face thing i was sooo happy with how soft it was! 

The eco tools face brush is so unbelievably soft aswell! I will be using it for the light dust of powder to set my foundation.


I will try both of these brushes out tomorrow and will give my reviews and pictures at some point this week! 



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