As promised yesterday, I have tried out the products i bought yesterday.

I’m very happy with all of the brushes (mentioned below) that i had gotten. The gel liner was also a smooth texture easy to apply. I believe that it should stay on my eyes with out smudging throughout the day also – i will comment later if it smudges!

Great products and i recommend all! & now for the makeup look!!


ImageI love Rimmel’s bb cream, especially at this time of year as it is lighter on the skin, so you can still see the freckles!

After the bb cream is applied, i do a light dusting of the powder – I highly recommend this as i don’t find it cakey! 

I then go on to contour my cheek bones with the solar powder (I use the matte contouring side) and then I swirl the brush al over the powder and use it around my face. 

I finish the face off with a little pinch of colour using a nice matte blusher. 


ImageTo start my eye look off, i use my ring finger to rub in some mac paintpot. I make sure that it is fully rubbed in before applying eyeshadow as it will crease later on if it isn’t dried. 

Next i dusted,using the fluffy pink brush – any fluffy brush would work-, on some of the urban decay eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is highly pigmented, so not much is needed! 

After this, I used the bronze section of my Soap & Glory blusher (Cheers to products with more than one use!!) and applied it to the outer corners of my eyes. I used the black fluffy brush to do this and also to blend both eyeshadows together. 

Once happy with my eyeshadow, I lined my eyes, starting with a thin line in the outer corner and gradually (only slightly) got thicker towards the outside of my upper lash line. 

I then used the rimmel liner to line my water line, giving the look a bit of contrasting colour. 

I finished my eyes off with a bit of mascara – just one coat on the upper lashes!

Finally, I did my brows using Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow set. I love this powder for my brows! I recommend giving it a go as it is cheap and a little really does go a long way, i’ve had this product for over a year now and it’s still going strong! 



Hope you enjoyed reading and if you try this look out – or anything similar i’d love to see it! 

– You don’t have to use the same products as i did either, maybe ones with similar colour! 




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