30 day challenge

Day 24 Your favourite movie and what it’s about

Favourite movie. Hm that’s a tricky one. Can I cheat and give you 3? I’m gonna anyway. 😛

1 – Spirited away

Loved this movie since I was knee – high. Haven’t seen it in yonks, so i’ll do my best to remember its story line. It’s about a little girl who is at this carnival or something along the lines of that and she gets lost from her parents. She then grows up a lil and spends time on a boat with hooded people… or something… she meets a boy and so the story goes on… 

REALLY great animation. If you get the chance, I do recommend you give it a go! 🙂

2 – Mean Girls

So everyone knows it… A girl with no social status stops getting homeschooled and enters highschool. She makes 2 nice friends who warn her about 3 bitches. The girl obviously becomes friends with the bitches, but just to bitch about them to her 2 nice friends. Surprisingly enough, she then becomes a bitch, starts to like the bitches and plots against the queen bitch… All hell breaks loose and feelings get hurt. In the end everyone is happy again and friends. 

~Mean girls summarised. 

3- Any Jennifer Aniston movie

Seriousy. She’s a fab actress and her movies tend to be chick flicks – win/win. 


Day 25- Someone who fascinates you;

Josh Ramsay.

Day 26- A problem that you have had

Past tense? Hm.. okay It used to really bother me that not everyone likes me… but kinda grown to realise not everyone is going to. haha 


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