April Favourites ❤

So April has been a month where I have both found new products that I have fallen in love with, but also a month where I have revisited some old faves!

So I’ll jump right in and tell you about them! 🙂 

ImageHope you can read the writing okay :S I’ll go through each product top to bottom. 🙂 

Maybelline Gel liner

Can I get a hallelujah?! Finally found an eyeliner that’s easy to apply, doesn’t smear across my eye, doesn’t crease and also doesn’t chip/flake off. 

This eyeliner glides onto the lid, you have a few seconds to smudge it, if you want obviously, and then it just stays put all day. Brilliant!

Real Techniques stippling brush

Helps to give a smooth, non-cakey application. I have only used it for bb cream and liquid foundation… works well, but tomorrow i’ll be trying it with some loose powder! I do recommend this as it has dense, but soft, bristles that applies foundation nicely. 

Seventeen skin WOW highlighter

So this is a mixed one really… Some days I love the glow that it gives, other days i feel it has a sparkly finish that i just don’t like. I think the trick is to apply it below your foundation so that it just gives a subtle glow – well that’s how I like it anyway! 

Seventeen eye crayon

I love this!! So glad seventeen has finally started to do crayons… I can’t remember if they did them in many different shades… but i have this one and love it! I use it sometimes as an eyeshadow base, sometimes as a browbone highlight and other times just to brighten up the inner corner of my eye! Highly recommend this! Cheap and brilliant! 

Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer 

Covers with 2 shades- salmon for  dark under eyes and also yellow for red blemishes. Comes with a nice lil translucent powder. Not much more to say really..

Rimmel Max Bold Curves 

Rediscovered this fab product when i was talking about my top 5 mascaras (Earlier in the month, if you haven’t read it) Basically gives me a nice thicker, curled lash effect and also adds a lil bit of length to them! Love love love!!!

Clinique – Take the day off Cleansing Milk

So I have been being lazy about taking off my makeup lately – yenno, just using a baby wipe and rubbing it off. But I have noticed my skin has started to get a lil spotty in the past couple of days, so I decided enough was enough, it was back to the proper stuff! I have had this product for about a year and a half. It is really lovely – you rub it in to your skin – face and eyes and leave it for about a minute, then i would get a soft face wipe and wipe off all the makeup off. This is a lil bit expensive.. Can’t remember the price at all – but seriously, it has lasted me over a year, you should give it a go! 

Soap & Glory Solar powder

Loved this since Christmas 2012. I’ve mentioned this before so i’ll make it brief.. Left handside is contour, right is highlight. Love it! 


Eco tools face brush

Soft and fluffy. Sets the makeup perfectly with a lil dusting of powder. Love it!!!

MUA Lolly

Nice coral-coloured blusher.. Highly pigmented too! Not very very corally, just a nice mix between coral and pink… at £1 it’s worth a shot! 🙂 

If you have any questions about any of these products, I’d be happy to answer! 



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