Eye makeup / Lorde inspired

Products used: 

Image(Mistake on the paintpot, I used ‘Chrome Angel’)

Step 1

Moisturise your face with your favourite moisturiser/ serum/ day cream – Mine is Boots tea tree & witch hazel day cream. This product helps with getting rid of acne scarring and also helps prevent spots! 

After your cream sinks in (about 5 minutes after applied) look for red spots that you would like to cover to get that flawless look. If you have dark under eyes, you can cover that up too! 

Next dust your face using a stippling brush, mine used is Real techniques stippling brush. The powder is Natural collection loose powder. 

Once your face has a light dusting of face powder, contour your cheek bones with a matte bronzer/contour powder. Mine is Soap & Glory Solar Powder. 


Step 2 

If you are happy with how your brows look (I’m jealous) then you can skip this step! Otherwise, I love the maybelline brow pencil called ‘master shape’ and highly recommend it. Fill in your brows and then use a clear mascara/ brow gel/wax to set those brows! 

Step 3 

Use a pale base on your eyelids and rub it in until it has set – otherwise, i have found, that it creases. I have used mac paintpot in Chrome Angel. Next dust over a similar pale eyeshadow using a fluffy brush. I have chosen bourjois eyeshadow in shade 08.



Step 4

Get a dark gray eyeshadow and put it in the outer corner of your crease, working it in to the middle part of your crease. The shadow I used was MUA shade 2. Use a crease brush for this part. Next, blend it in using a fluffy eye brush until it has a softer look. 



Step 5 

Now you’re happy with your eyeshadow, you move on to the liner. Choose your favourite black eyeliner, either gel or liquid, and apply a fine line on your lashline. You can add a flick if you’d like, I applied a teeny tiny one! 

Next apply a pale eye pencil colour (preferably a white one) to your water line to help brighten/ widen your eyes. 

Curl your lashes and apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara. 


Whoala. Look complete! 

You can add lip balm, lipstick or whatever lip product that you’d like too! 


I know that this isn’t exactly how Lorde had done her eyes, but it is, in a my opinion, a more wearable/casual look. I like the monochromatic finish to it. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading & I’d love to see if anyone tries this look out! 


~Stephanie x 




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