30 day challenge:Finale

so because i’ve missed everyday this week for this, i will complete this!

Day 27:

A problem that you have had

Hm ‘problem’ I wouldn’t say ‘problem’, i’d say ‘difficulty’, I’ve had difficulty getting over some things… Don’t really know what else I could say about that as it’s more personal and i’d rather not share it with the internet,,,

Day 28:

Something that you miss

Those that I have lost (Obviously) and i miss being 7 years old. 

Day 29:

Goals for the next 30 days:

Revise for my exams & do the best I can in my exams 

Day 30:

Your highs and lows of this month:

Well because this month has just begun, I’ll do it for last month. HIGHS- got 100% in my GCSE music composition (100% I NEVER GET THAT HIGH!!!), had some nice wee days with my boyfriend, completed my musical practical and didn’t mess up too badly. LOWS-Just thinking about past bad times – heyho..! 

AND it’s all finished!

Hope you enjoyed reading about me my life and I over the past 30-ish days! 

~Stephanie x


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