So i’ve decided to take a look through my make up drawer and have a look at my most popular brands that i purchase. It turns out i have 6 brands that i have equal amounts of products, so i’m now going to tell you about them and the products! I have 5 makeup and 1 skincare/ make up brands. So, enough of the rambling intro and onto the brands. (I’ll be doing each brand in separate posts!)

Maybelline New York

Maybelline is a popular world-wide brand that does great beauty products. Here are all of my purchased maybelline products!  


FACE products:


So I have mixed opinions about the maybelline face products, I’ll start from top to bottom.

Dream matte mousse 

This is a product that many many people rave about! I must admit, from the start I haven’t been overly fond of it. I don’t like how thick it feels on my skin, nor the matt finish. However, there are days when i want more coverage and i will reach for this. I didn’t find that this stayed on my skin for very long either, I was rather disappointed with it. I would however recommend this for people that have scarring on their face that they want to cover up, or if you want a matte finish to your skin. Below is a picture of the product itself and a swatch. I’d give it a 3 our of 10.


  Super stay 24h

This was the first foundation that I had ever bought!  It gives a medium coverage that can be turned into a lighter coverage (Mixed with a little bit of moisturiser) or a heavier coverage (Just use a little more in places you want more coverage) This does have a decent staying-power on the face too, Does it stay 24 hours though… I wouldn’t say so… but it would get me through the day time. I’d give this product an 8 out of 10!  Below is a picture of the product swatched on my arm.


Dream touch blush

This product i’m not really sure about… I want to say i love it and i want to say i hate it… I mean… Some days it is really great and some days it is just too much. I mean, you need a teeny tiny amount. Once this touches your skin it stays there! you need to work out where you want it quickly before it stays there and gives you clown cheeks. Having said that, when you use it properly it is really really great! I’d give this a 7/10  Below is a picture of the product itself and a swatch.


Dream creamy foundation

I used to absolutely love this product! I would put a teeny little bit on my forehead, chin and nose and it would blend out across my face  Gives a medium / heavy coverage, but gives a nicer finish than the mousse! From what i remember it would give an almost “dewy” finish. It comes in this bulky container which would be a miner flaw, but it does have 2 little compartments – the lid has a sponge inside and then below that is the product itself. I also really liked to use the sponge to blend it in as it was nice and soft. I’d rate this 9/10 and highly recommend it to anyone! It’s also a product that i have ‘hit pan on’ which for me is an achievement as i tend to just get bored of products and move on!  Below is a picture of the product itself and a swatch.



Dream Matte powder

I’m gonna make this one short and sweet. I never liked the rimmel stay matte powder that everyone raves about, so I found this one in the drugstore and had to give it a try. This is my 3rd repurchase and i will continue to aswell! This. just like the dream creamy foundation comes with cute lil packaging, the top is the product and below is a lil compartment with an applicator an mirror. I like the applicator and altogether it is a makeup bag essential! 10/10 would recommend.  


EYE products:

Maybelline eye products are also really really great. 


From top to bottom:

Eye studio lasting drama gel liner

If you’ve been reading my recent blog posts, you will know that this is a new favourite of mine! I’ve always been a bit sketchy with gel liners, but this one is different. It stays on all day without chipping, smudging or fading! Gives an intense black line (The swatch picture quality isn’t great, sorry!) and the brush that it comes with is a nice size – not too thick, not too thin! Cannot rave about this enough, it’s a nice price & great quality! 10/10 would recommend!! Below is a picture of  the product itself and a swatch.



Brow drama

 Hmm… So this product is kind of a ‘meh’ one. Firstly, i’d like to say, if you have any stray brow hairs, either pluck them before using this, or just don’t bother with this product. Once you put it on your brows, yes it gives them a nice tint and also makes them look fuller, however, I’ve found that even if you have teeny tiny little hairs around your brows, it will attach onto those and make it look like there are 2 giant caterpillars on your forehead!! It is also a quickie to apply, so it’s great for those rushed mornings! So yes, if used properly it’s a great product and a great dupe for Benefit’s tinted brow gel. I’d give this a 6/10. Below is a picture of  the product itself and a swatch.


Master shape brow pencil

Brilliant! I do really like this one, It has a shade that matches my brows, so i’m happy! You know I really mean it when i say that i’ve went and re-purchased too! You only need a light hand with this product to fill in/shape your brows and it will stay on all day! It is a double ended pencil, one side with the pencil itself and the other end it has a spoooli… (No idea how you’d spell it, but you know what i mean!) really great and it has about 3 colour ranges too! 9/10 recommend! Below is a picture of  the product itself and a swatch.



The rocket Volum’ express

MEH. All i can say to this is meh. Everyone raves and raves about this, but honestly, I like a mascara product that you can build up. With this, you do one coat and that is it really – unless you want to get your eyelashes getting pulled out with the brush! However, with that one coat it is quite… all right… It’s not the best, not the worst either though! I’d give it a 5/10. Below is a picture of  the product.


The falsies volum’ express flared

This is the only falsies product that i have tried, but i absolutely love it! I like how this one, unlike its cousin (the rocket) is buildable! One coat and your lashes look nice, voluminous and curled, 3 coats and BAM look at the fab lashes! Really recommend this one! 10/10 Below is a picture of the product.


Lip products

Not really a big fan of lip products – again, if you’ve been reading my blog you’d know that i’ve only recently gotten into lipsticks. 

So, I have 2 of their felt tip colours :

Colour sensational 

Hit & miss… 1 tip i’ve discovered with it, don’t apply it onto lipbalm/gloss as it will just ruin the feltip… apply it on the naked lip, then apply gloss/balm. 

Wink of pink

I like this as it is a darker colour… the smell/taste isn’t really that great, but i do like the colour and i feel it stays put for quite a while…. It also gives just the right amount of colour tint, hides my lip scar too so i’d give it  8/10

Tender rose

Don’t really see the point in this one – doesn’t do much to my lips… Kinda’ a disappointing one! 1/10











Have you got any maybelline favourites? Do you have any maybelline hates? I’d love to know what you recommend too! Thanks for reading!!

~Stephanie x 


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