I know that S&G is more well-known for their skincare range, but i think their makeup needs much more hype! I think i’d say that altogether, Soap & Glory is my favourite drugstore brand as a whole. I love all of their products and below i’ll explain why! 🙂


Yes, i know 8 is quite a small amount of products from a brand, but my collection is growing.


Kick Ass Concealer

I love love love this concealer. It has a lovely smooth and thick texture that blends in brilliantly to the skin. It has 3 sections – the left is peach-toned while the right is a more yellow-tone to cover the redness from red parts on your face or even blemishes. The third part to this concealer is a lovely transparent powder that you apply on top of the concealer. This also comes with a great soft little sponge to apply the powder. This is a makeup bag must have! 10/10 recommend!



Lipstick – ‘POMPOM’

Okay, if you’ve been reading my blog you will know that i absolutely adore this stuff! The staying power is really really great, colour is strong and vibrant and it feels lovely and smooth on the lips too! The colour is a nice soft red colour. I’m keen to try more of the shades available, when I do I will deffo do a lil post about it! 15/10 recommend this! 



Love at First Blush – Blusher

This is one of the 2 blushers. It is definitely an acquired-taste… It leaves a soft apricot shimmer… nice in the Spring/Summer months! It has a great pigmentation – a little really does go a long way. There are (3) different shades, 1 is a highlighter and the other 2 are pink/apricot tones. You could use each little section seperately, but I prefer just swishing my brush through the whole thing and micing all the shades together – to give the swatch shown in the picture abouve. I personally give this about a 7 out of 10. 


Peach Party – blusher

Not really sure about this one… I got it in a 3 for 2 over the Christmas holidays, so the bronze-finish doesn’t really go well with the cold weather. I do like the colour it gives to the cheeks, but because of the bronze colour, i’m not very sure where i would put this one on my cheeks… maybe my cheekbones or just the apples? I may do a post about it later when i figure it out. I imagine i will be using it more ofver the Summer holidays! There are 3 or 4 shades of bronze in this, 1 again being a highlight colour. This is also a multiple use product as I would use it on my eyes for a nice bronze eyeshadow look. I’d rate this as a 6/10.


Solar powder – bronzer/contour/highlight

I LOVE this. It comes in 2 shades, 1 matte tan colour which is great for paler girls and 1 light shimmer. The shimmer is very feint so it isn’t over the top, making it perfect for everyday use.  You NEED to try this one out! Totally underrated product! Perfect for the handbag too. 


Thick & fast – mascara

Aw, i have a love/hate thing with this mascara. The brush is really really great i love what it does to my lashes. However, the formula is rubbish – it smears all down my eyes. Another problem is, once i took it out of the box, the lid was broken. Kinda’ a pain in the butt. The colour it leaves is the blackest of black leaving your lashes looking fab and bold. So yes, i would say about 5/10


Supercat – pen eyeliner

This is a really great product. It stays on all day, you can get a thick or a thin line gives a feint black line too. I know the swatch in the above picture looks brown… I think it is because of the rubbish camera quality! I think it’s about £8, so it’s not overly priced either as it lasts a very long time. I’d rate it about 7/10.

It’s about prime – eyeshadow primer

FINALLY!! THERE IS A DRUGSTORE PRIMER THAT WORKS JUST AS WELL AS URBAN DECAY! Yep, I said it! It gives a lovely lil glow to the eyelids, gives the eyeshadow a vibrant and pigmented finish – no matter what eyeshadow it is AND it keeps the eyeshadow on all day! You must give this one a shot… from what i remember it is about £8!! That’s fabbb! 10/10 recommend 

Yep, I like all of the products that i have purchased form the soap & glory line and i do plan on buying a few more..!

Have you tried any S&G products? Do you love them as much as I do? Are there any products from this brand that you recommend to me? Do let me know!! It’d be great to read about what you guys have to say! 


~Stephanie x 


3 thoughts on “6 TOP DRUGSTORE BRANDS: Soap & Glory

    • Awh thank you very much! Yes, I love their skincare products also, but i would almost say their makeup tops it!
      I’ll check your page out now – i’m new to this as well not really sure what i’m at with it haha! 🙂 x

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