Makeup academy probably has the most hits and misses out of all my favourite brands. So i will stop the intro here and just jump right in! 🙂



-All products




Black pencil liner

MEH. I like my pencil liners to be waterproof – yenno, so they don’t smudge! This pencil isn’t waterproof, so basically it just smudges all down my face. It’d be great for a smokey eye look though! It’s black as well – not gray-black, which is great!The liner also comes with an amazing lid – it has a sharpener attached to it I would literally purchase this solely for that!  For £1 it’s pretty great! 6/10 


Black liquid liner

RUBBISH! Seriously. I hate the formula! Apply it to your eyes and it will peel off within 3 blinks! The brush would be the only plus as it is pretty thin… but with a crappy formula, what’s the point? 2/10 purely because of the brush. 


Extreme Curl Mascara 

Honestly, I used it once, hated the formula and just gave up on it. The formula is awful and drying to the lashes. Wouldn’t bother with this one 0/10


Undress Me 2 

So i’ve heard that this is a dupe for the naked 2 palette by urban decay… and if it is then for £4 that is crazy!! Most of these shades are highly pigmented, however there are 2 or 3 duds. the black colour on the far right on the 2nd row is rubbish – no colour pay-off. The photo above is a lil confusing… the top photo is the bottom row in the palette and the top row beingthe bottom picture. (oops) But yes, most of the colours are perfect pigmentation! I love this palette – perfect for everyday use. i’d rate it 9.5 outta 10! You should deffo give this one a try if MUA is available to you! 


 Single eyeshadow : shade 20 – matt

This is a fab dark grey colour. I would line my eyes with this and/or put this in my crease and outer corner. I love it. Fab. Great pigmentation too! 10/10


Matt eyeshadow – shade 19 – matt

Lovely soft brown colour! It’s greatttt! 10/10


Shade 11 – pearl eyeshadow

This is a perfect dupe for urban decay’s eyeshadow ‘ydk’ one that i have used up completely because i loved it so much! For £1 this is a steal! FAb pigmentation an quality. You should deffo try this one out! 10/10 recommend 


Shade 2-Pearl Eyeshadow

Hit pan on this one! Great pale shimmer – I use this on the inner corner of my eyes! I love it v v v much! 10/10 recommend! 


Shade24 pearl eyeshadow 

MEH. Not really loving this one. The pigmentation is great like, It’s just not one for me! 5/10 




The 2 blushers are great, i have shade 2 and lolly – the coral shade is lolly, shade 2 is the other one. The bronzer is a little too orange-tone for me, but still great pigmentation. I’d say give these a shot – £1 is pretty great if you ask me! 10/10 recommend!




This is a pure red lipstick. Doesn’t suit me at all, so i don’t wear it… but it is great for Hallowe’en! Do try it out as the pigmentation is pretty great too! 8/10 recommend!



A sheer, light pink listick that’s just a nice lil tint for your lips! 10/10 recommend



The top colour is shade 4 and the bottom is shade 13 

All MUA products are easy to afford and most of the products are great! Win/win!!

Have you tried any MUA products? Do you like them or do you hate them? I’d love to know what you think!! 


~Stephanie x 


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