So this is number 5 out of 6 in my top drugstore brands. I thought i’d take a lil break from make up and talk about skincare. I am one who would rather use high-end skincare products than high-end make up mostly because well, your skin deserves the best?! My mum used to buy me different clinique moisturisers and i still have and use a clinique cream cleanser that is really fab! But, when using these (I’m a teenager, so i have the joys of random breakouts) I would still frequently get spots?! -Not to brag, but i’ve never really had spotty skin, so when i was treated with the higher-end moisturiser, i was just stumped. So i went and tried out different brands and stumbled across nivea. So here is my lil nivea review!


This skincare is crazily fab!! I’ve gone through about 3 sets of the tub (in the middle) of day cream and night cream – the day cream is nice and light and sinks into the skin pretty quickly, while the night cream is more nourishing and a lil thicker, so you wake up to baby soft skin! 10/10 

I love the eye makeup remover too – it works fabulously with waterproof makeup too! 9/10

The tube of day cream (far right) is different than the one i’d typically get in a tub. This one is a little thicker, but not so thick that it makes my skin feel greasy! Baby soft skin throughout the whole day! win/win! 9/10

The deodorant may be my only ‘meh’ nivea product. Although it smells UNREAL – like parmaviolets, i don’t think it keeps your underarms from smelling throughout the day – I would recommend the brand ‘Soft & gentle’ if you are looking for fab smelling and long-lasting protection!  i’d rate it 3/10

the tinted moisturiser. Awh, I want to love it, i really really do! If i were less pale i’d really love it! Because nivea is a skincare range, it doesn’t really have a great range of tones, i think it just had natural and dark. (I’m not overly sure, I got this as a gift) I’ll swatch it below! However, it does have a great feel to the skin! I will try different things out with this … who knows i may have found my next creamy contour!

Have you tried any nivea products? Do you love them as much as I do? I’d love to know about what you’d recommend! 

Thanks for reading!!

~Stephanie x 


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