My beauty tips and tricks

Since I was introduced to beauty and makeup, i’ve always been trying different ways to have multi-purposes for items! So, I thought i would share a few of the fab things i’ve figured out over the years!

Tinted moisturiser

This is an old one… Pretty sure everyone knows about it! So it’s soon summer and you’ll be wanting a lighter-coverage foundation to let your skin breathe, all you have to do is mix your foundation with your fave moisturiser 50/50… or if you want it more sheer more moisturiser, you want it with more coverage, more foundation. 

Foot moisturiser 

Cracked heels has to be one of the things that i hate the most on myself. I hate the feeling of them and the look of them! How do I erase them? You get a pair of fluffy socks and some Vaporub. Rub some vapo rub into your feet – a decent amount… obviously not too much though, and you simply go to sleep. In the morning your feet will be feeling softer! Repeat this until you are happy with your tootsies! 

Yummy hair scent

This one may seem rather obvious, but i never thought of it until recently!! Do you ever dry your hair and realise that yummy smelling shampoo scent is gone? Disappointing, right?! When your hair is wet spray some of your favourite body spray in your hair – not too much obviously – and you will be smelling great all day!  

Mascara liner

So you’re going on holiday and you want to make your bag lighter? Leave your eyeliner and keep the mascara! the extra product that comes out when you take the mascara wand out can be used as liner. Simply get either an angled brush or normal liner brush and apply as normal eyeliner!

Lip blush

You’ve probably heard of this popular lil trick too, but apply your lipstick to your cheeks and rub it in just like how you would with cream blusher and whoala! 


Vaseline is one of those products with a billion uses:

brow wax: simply apply a little bit of vaseline to your brows using a spooli (no idea how to spell it) and your brows will stay in place all day!

clear mascara: a light coat of vaseline on your lashes gives a lovely natural no-makeup look while keeping your lashes long all day!

moisturiser: At bed time apply vaseline to any of your dry spots – knees, elbows, heels, wherever and by morning your skin should be feeling significantly softer, repeat until satisfied! 🙂

tinted lip balm: I love this one! As a person who only really likes certain lipsticks, I lean towards getting tinted lipbalms. But why pay the price when you have all the lipsticks? If you have a lipstick that you love the colour of, but want to make it a little less strong/vibrant, just apply the lippie to your lips and then rub in some vaseline. Gives a great tinted lips effect. 

highlight/bronzer: During the Summer we all love the ‘glowing skin’ look. get a sheer eyeshadow and mix it with some vaseline and you have a beautiful sheer highlighter. Do the same with any bronzing powder and it will give it a more ‘glowing’ effect. 

AND obviously, great for the lips! 😛 

Instant fake tan 

Only recently started to do this one, so i may find a better way. But, I ought to tell you about this one! I refuse to go out to a shop and buy fake tan when i know that it is going to be too dark for me. I don’t have the patience for gradual moisturiser ones either!! My solution? MAKE YOUR OWN! So, you will need body butter, liquid moisturiser & cocoa. You basically get about a teaspoon of cocoa powder and mix it in well with your body butter. It should leave a dark brown colour – don’t panic, that’s what the liquid moisturiser is for.. to ‘dilute’ it! You then get a little amount of the body butter mixed with cocoa powder and mix it in with liquid moisturiser in your hand. Once you are satisfied with the colour, rub it into wherever you want the tan! I love this finish! Realllly great as you can control how tanned you look! Also, no skin damage!! 😀 

Smearing lipstick

This one’s an oldie too, but, you have lipstick smearing down your face?  Prevent this from happening by after applying it, dab with a tissue until no more lipstick can be seen on the tissue. Your lips are tinted with out the moisture that smears everywhere. 

Teeth lipstick

To prevent this one happening, you apply lippie as normal and put your finger in your mouth. Take it out with your lips wrapped around the finger and it will take off the excess lipstick.

Prime the brows

Title is pretty self-explanatory! If you want your eyeshadow to stay on all day, why should your brows be any different?! Prime your brows with a matt primer – elf & MUA do cheap ones – and then apply your pencil/powder! 

Powder liner

If you dampen your brush and apply eyeshadow as liner, it will come out more pigmented, yet still give a slightly softer look than actual eyeliner! 

Don’t wash

This one sounds kinda gross. But, if your hair gets greasy the day after you wash it, don’t wash it the day after! Yep! Skip a day of washing your hair and it will quickly get used to it and stop becoming as greasy! – At one point i would was my hair once every 3 days! I know it sounds gross, but i promise you, it helps with frizz and also with greasey hair! 

Softer legs for longer

SO, this is one i swear by! Second day legs and they’re already prickly? UGH, I know the feeling!  To prevent this, shave your legs as normal in the shower and then rinse off the soap/shave cream. Next get either soap and a sponge. one of those net-showergel applicator thingys… if you know what i’m talking about? and rub your legs pretty hard with it… enough so that they start to tingle. Go again and shave your legs. Not really sure about the science behind it or anything, but i swear this works!! Moisturise as per usual after and tada you have fab legs for 2 days! 

For now these are all the tips I can think of! Hope you enjoyed reading about them!  Have you got any beauty tips/tricks/secrets? I would love to hear about them!!

~Stephanie x 



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