So this is my last post in my ‘top drugstore brands’ posts (for now anyway!) Thought i’d finish off with my biggest love/hate brand of them all! So, from the top, my Rimmel products! 




Foundation – wake me up: I’d be lying to you if i didn’t say that i love this product! I’d also be lying to you if i said I don’t hate it! It’s a mixed one. I wish they had lighter shades available as even the palest one can be too dark for me (in the winter.) It’s definitely not an everyday look for me as sometimes the whole sparkle/glitter in it can be OTT. However,  on the right occasion it is really great! Stays on the skin at least 16 hours and gives the skin a refreshing glow! 8/10 

BB cream : This is my favourite bb cream as of yet. I know i don’t have much experience with bb creams… to me it’s just tinted moisturiser, i don’t see the big deal about it! However, i love this one! Beautiful finish to the skin, stays on all day & has just enough coverage! 10/10 recommend it!

Concealer – stay matt concealer stick:  This is ok… it’s more of a makeup bag emergency product, definitely not an everyday essential! It’s quite thick and can be difficult to blend. i’d rate this one a 4/10. 

Powder – Stay Matte Pressed Powder: I absolutely hate this one!! I really don’t understand the craze about this one! Clogs my pores & gives me spots – which is a record in itself as not many products give me spots!! I feel it is far too cakey! I just want a light soft finish with face powders, but with this one it is so fake looking! 0/10! I was so disappointed with mine, i even threw it out!!! 

Bronzer (top one): . I think it is  under-pigmented with a ‘chalky’  matt application! Don’t waste your money!! 0/10 

(bottom one): Unlike this product’s ugly twin sister, this is pigmented with a nice soft glow to it. I’d rate it about 6/10 



Lasting finish: Fire cracker: Never really use this one… Not a big fan, but that may just be because it’s not the right shade for me! i’d still rate it a 5/10!

Kate Moss: 107: MEH! Sorry to ruin everyones’ continuous raving about this one, but i think that it’s ALRIGHT. BEcause it is matt it goes into every little fine line on my lips, making me look like an old woman! It stays for a reasonable amount of time & the colour is okay. Not my favourite lipstick, not my least favourite either. I think i’d prefer the kate moss range in the black packaging? 8/10



Mascara: Max Bold Curves: WOW! I love this one and have for years! For those blessed with longer, fuller lashes, this is the perfect mascara! It gives a lovely coat of product with a nice lil curl on your lashes. You can layer this one up, or just one stroke and you will have model lashes! Try this one out! -My favourite of all Rimmel products! 100/10!!!

Mascara: Max volume flash:  Not as great as the other MAX product. It’s alright though. Won’t be repurchasing it though! 4/10

 Primer: exaggerate Undercover eyeshadow primer:  Rubbish!! Has that oily/greasy feeling. Doesn’t make your eyeshadow stay on any longer. Doesn’t make your shadow any more pigmented. Rubbish!! Don’t waste your money on it! 0/10


exagggerate automatic waterproof liner: Comes in many colours and stays on your eyes! Lovely pigmentation too! 9/10

Soft kohl kajal liner: Great for blending into a smokey eye! Staying power is a let-down though!  8/10

Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner: really great! perfect for smokey eye as it is blendable! 7/10

I do have a few other rimmel products, but they’re no longer for sale, so no point telling ya about them~! 🙂 





What do you think of Rimmel products? Any products you recommend? Any products you think I should stay away from?
Hope you enjoyed reading!!

~Stephanie x



  1. Haha, awk, well i do definitely like the colour! Just the way it feels on my lips i don’t like! If you like this one then i’d recommend Soap & glory’s ‘pompom’ it’s basically like this but only creamier! x

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