Copper-green eye tutorial

Hey there! Long time no post… kinda’! Well anyway, I was super bored earlier, so I decided to try out a different eye-look. Not overly sure if i like it or not yet, may try out mixing different colours with it. But anyway, Like many others, I’ve started using copper coloured eyeshadows a lot more recently. I just love the finish it gives, especially with my pale skin! So, to make the look more of my own, I decided I would try mixing another bold colour in with it – green! I think next time I will try it out with purple.. 🙂 

Anyway, enough of the chitchat, here’s how I got it! 



So my face makeup is just the usual everyday stuff, moisturiser, bbcream/foundation – I know i don’t often wear it, but just felt like it today! Eyeshadow base, contour, blusher, powder & mascara.

I might do an everyday makeup look that I can refer back to on posts like this! 

Here’s how it all turned out!:



I then went on to use a dense eyeshadow brush to pack on a great orangey-coppery eyeshadow! It’s called ‘Jones’ by urban decay. Don’t put on too much of this yet as you will probably be wanting to put a lil extra on at the end! 


Next, get a nice darker coloured green eyeshadow – I chose a Barry M dazzle dust in shade 72 Any similar product should do the trick though! I put this on the outer half of my crease and my outer ‘V’ shape using a crease brush:


Next you blend that out with a large fluffy/blending eye brush until there are no harsh edges between the colours! 


After that I got ‘Graffiti’ from my urban decay palette and put it on top of my darker green colour – yenno, just to lift the colour a bit – make it less dull! 


Again, you then blend that out with a large fluffy eye brush! 

To finish off, I lined my eyes using my favourite liquid liner  – Collection 2000 – fast stroke in black I did a lil flick too! 🙂

Pictures of my finished look; 



Do you like the eye look? Hope you enjoyed reading!!

~Stephanie x 




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