30 Day White Tooth Challenge

I know this is my 2nd post of the day, but I bought 2 different beauty-related products today and they are nothing like eachother, so Thought I’d split it into 2 posts!


So this isn’t really a ‘challenge‘, but if you want to, you can join in!

Basically, I’ve been trying out different tooth-whitening toothpastes for about a year now. I’ve tried a few different ones,Colgate being my favourite so far, ‘ Colgate Advanced White.’ It claims to have your teeth whiter within 14 days. This has been one that has stuck with me because my teeth definitely are whiter since I started using it. I kinda forgot about the others that I had tried – arm & hammer being one of them. My sister loves the arm & hammer whitening tooth paste, but I cannot stand the taste!

So today in Sainsbury’s, I saw macleans whitening toothpaste on sale for £1 and couldn’t help but to pick it up! – Mostly because my colgate one is almost finished! [picture above]                                         


But, for the next 30 days I will be trying out a different toothpaste that claims to help whiten your teeth. This is one from the brand ‘macleans.’ All I can hope for is that this isn’t one with the baking soda taste to it. (Literally makes me want to vom!)

I will do a post at the end of July about whether I liked the toothpaste or not. I will talk about the taste, the application – yenno.. if it froths nicely and stuff, and also, whether or not my teeth look whiter!

You can try this ‘challenge‘ out too! Pick up a whitening toothpaste in the shop and yeah… try it out for a month! If you do decide to do this, I’d love to read about it, so post a link down below!

Are there any whitening toothpastes that you love? Any you wouldn’t recommend? I’d love to know about them!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



‘Best Foot File Ever’?!




So i’ve had hard-heels for quite a while…I’ve gone and i’ve bought the cheaper £2 foot-file type things that you get from Savers, but after a while they just broke. So after I bout about 3 of these, I thought that I should go and buy a proper foot-care product that can help remove that hard skin that I absolutely hate!! See, in 2010 I had the softest feet ever! (Long long story, maybe, maybe, for a different post…) So now, i just compare my harder heels to when they were sooooo soft!

I’ve done the whole lot, yenno, sleeping with vaseline on the heels, rubbing minty products onto the rougher skin – you name it and i’ve probably tried it! I’ve tried most home remedies because, well, i’m a cheapskate and hate to buy something that I could just make at home!

So anyway, I actually have a point to this post!! So I was looking for the product ‘Ped Egg’ in boots today. It said on their website that they sell it for £10. I figured that because of its 5 star reviews and also the fact that I’ve already spent about £10 on cheaper, not-so-good products, I may as well buy it!

 So there I was, looking about for it, but they didn’t have it! I tried 2 Boots stores and 1 Superdrug, but none of them were selling it! So I just went groccery shopping with my mum (was having a day out with her) and I went and looked in the beauty isle. [Seriously, Tesco & Sainsury’s always sell beauty products cheaper!] Nothing really caught my eye though, so I just went on and looked at their clothes. But then I walked down the sale isle. What caught my eye? Ped Egg being sold for £5! That’s half the price!! CRAZY! I was sooooo happy!

So obviously I purchased it and opened it as soon as I got home (Like a kid on Christmas day, seriously!) and I tried it out! It comes with instructions (Very easy to follow) and 2 little exfoliating file thingys!

I started buffing my feet with this foot-file and immediately, the skin started to come off in little flakes. Yes, it’s kinda’ gross if you think about it, but the results are amazing! You continue to buff (vertically) at your rough skin patches until you are happy with how they look/feel! You then go on and use the little exfoliating file and just rub it on the fresh skin and whoala! Skin is baby soft!

I plan on using this about twice a week and whenever I feel my skin is getting too rough!

I know I haven’t even had it a day, but my first impressions on it are great! I recommend it! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any drugstore foot care products that will help keep le tootsies soft, I’d loveeeee to know about them! Thankssssss!


Top 5 Eye Products

One of my favourite beauty videoes/blogs are ones where the person’s favourite products are. Obviously everybody likes different products, but it’s always great getting honest reviews/opinions. So in this post i’ll be talking about my favourite eye products. Soon i’ll be doing my top 5 face products too! This is obviously going to be just for now, trying new things forgetting about older products I used to love… you get me? haha anyway, on with le post;

Base: Seventeen; eye crayon – icedImage

I  started using this one recently when I packed it instead of my mac paintpot for my holiday. I was amazed at how good it really is! A little swipe of product on your lids, rub in with either a finger or a brush and boom you have colour! I have only worn this as a base (A lot less hassle than primers) but seriously, no creasing all day! Brilliant! They come in 4 different shades but, for now, ‘ICED‘ is the only one I have. Pretty sure this is like a UK dupe for NYX’s eye crayons! Hopefully there will be more shades coming out soon! You can get these at Boots for £3.99! Fabbbb!

Gel  liner:  Maybelline  NewYork-  Lasting  Drama  Gel  Liner –Black



I’m a convert! I was pretty damn sure i’d found the best eyeliner for meeee, from collection 2000, just a liquid black. BUT, this stuff is AMAZING! It comes with a brush that’s good, but personally I use it with a dried out felt tip liner! (more control over it) This stays on all day without making you look like a panda! You can use it on your waterline, tightline or your lashline! stays on like a permanent marker! You have about 10 seconds to make it all smokey, if that’s how you want it, until it sets. Looks bold and fab! It’s £7.99 from boots and worth every penny! Highly recommend this one!  

Mascara: Maybelline New York- Falsies flared   


Like everybody else, this is one I can’t not talk about! It is brilliant! The only ‘Thefalsies‘ that i’ve tried, but it’s definitely one i’ll repurchase when i’m finished with this one! Gives volume, length and just the whole ‘wow factor’ thing..! You can layer it up and it looks great, or, you can scrape most of the product off inside the tube and give yourself the whole light-product  thing! Looks really great! You can get this product in boots for £7.99!                                         

Eyeshadow: MUA Undress me too


Oh my god, where do I begin!? The back-story… So, my mum had bough the Naked 2 palette for my sister the day I was out shopping and picked undress me too palette! I had bought it because I had heard it was a dupe for the naked 2 palette! So, I compared the 2 products and heyho, they were both identical! CRAZY! One difference though, my mum had paid £37, meanwhile I had paid £4 for mine! *Smug laughter* Don’t really know what else I can say about this one… swatches are above, you get it in Superdrug for £4.

Catrice Cosmetics: Eye brow set


Fab brow kit! Got this last Summer and I have used it everyday since & it still hasn’t hit pan! Stays on all day, doesn’t look chalky, but, i don’t know how much it costed nor where you can get it? Sorrrrrry!


Stephanie x                                                                   

Gotta lotta lip!

So i’ve been seeing a lot of posts about lipsticks, glosses and lip stains. Kinda feel a bit like the odd one out not having one up yet… So, i looked through my makeup drawer and picked out all my lip colours. If you’ve been here on my blog for a while, you’ll remember my lil post about how I’m not the biggest lipproduct fan, however I have, over the years, found a few shades and tints that I like.






So  here  are my five nude lipsticks. Below are the  swatches.




Left  to right matches the packaging above…. If you get me? haha

SO,                                                                                                                                                                                                            I’ll go from left to right.

Miss Sporty; Strip tease

My fave of my nude colours. It gives a nice sheer colour over le lips. It lets your natural pink lips shine through and it still gives them a nice pale-finish. I like to put this one over darker tints! It’s a cheapie one too. I did buy this ageeeees ago, so I can’t quite remember the price, but deffo less than £3! Miss Sporty also changed their lipstick packaging, so this one is deffo an oldie, but a goodie too!

Miss Sporty; Innocence

A pale pink colour…. a pretty pastel colour… very girly – yenno, if you’re into that haha! I go through phases of little baby-girl-pinks whether that’s clothing or lips  and this one’s great for then! It has a nice shine-finish to the lips and just like its twin, ‘strip tease‘ it’s also a cheaper one!

17; Lasting fix – Dreamy

Only like this one at certain points of the year. Also, i don’t typically wear this one by itself, but it is a nice one to mix with darker colours! I think I got this one for around £4-£4.50. Matte finish and meh… it’s okay. Not the best but also not the worst!

MUA; shade 4

Lovely shine to it and also a nice light pink tint! £1 too, so if you don’t like it, it’s not a big loss!

No.7; Tender Rose

A pretty matte soft pink shade probably nicer on tanner girls (and boys, no judging) Only got this recently for about£8, but it’s a nice one to wear one coat and apply with lipbalm to give it a more sheer-finish. ~I’m more comfortable with a tinted/sheer lip.!      




Elizabeth Arden; double intrigue

I put this one in here because i swear, on your lips it comes out as a sparkly copper! Unlike most other sparkley lipsticks, that have a gritty-finish, this one goes on nice and smoothly! The swatch above doesn’t look very much like how it does on the lips, it has a nice orangey-copper finish on the lips! Haven’t really tried out the gloss, so can’t really tell you much about it! But yeah, it also has an almost browney-maroon undertone to it as well! (A+ for description, right?)

Rimmel; 107

Has a nice matte finish and a gorgeous berry red tint! I like to wear some balm under this because it’s so pigmented! Probably will try out more from the Kate Moss range, but the ones in the black packaging – not the matte!

Soap & Glory; PomPom

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this!!! It’s the best matte lipstick that I have, it goes on nice and smoothly! You can wear it as a lighter shade with one coat, but it goes darker easily with more layers and it doesn’t look cakey!

MUA; Shade 13

I use this for hallowe’en type things…. It is highly pigmented and i’m assuming it would suit some people as a normal-look… Just not for moi! haha… Still, £1, so it’s okay!




I’d say lipstains are more of my thing! The prospect of colour on the lips with out the risk of red teeth sounds fab to me! Also, i’ve always wanted to wear lip colours (Obvioulsy not always, but since 2010 when I got a lipscar that i don’t like!) So yes, here are my fave lipstains! 🙂

I’ll just talk about the last one because it’s different than the rest. It’s from front cover and is a double-ended lip product. It slides on like a lipgloss and then it dries in and sets as a stain! It does leave kind of a dried-up feeling on the lips though, so i like to apply a bit of lip balm over it!  

My favourites::::


With the sheer miss sporty – strip tease on top of the neutral lipstain it gives a fab-nude finish!



annnnnnnnnnd my Soap and Glory one –


Summer Beauty Series: Everyday Summer Makeup

Summer is such a fab time for fun bright colours, this can be on night outs or just casual day makeup. However, let’s face it, when you’re just going to be sitting at home, you just want a lil bit of makeup. (Well, I do anyway) So if you’re looking for a light coverage yet still a pretty Summer look, then read on! 🙂


I will never go back to not moisturising daily. Ever since I started day and night with moisturisers that were kind to my skin, i haven’t had many problems since! When I say ‘many problems’ i’m talking about breakouts. Maybe I get a few here and there, but finding a good moisturiser has helped clear my skin! I use Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser every morning before I apply any makeup! Both teatree & witch hazel have done wonders for my skin!


I then go on to apply whichever blusher I’m in the mood for using that day. Today I chose one with a little bit of shimmer to add a lovely glow to my cheeks. I used Soap & Glory Love at First Bush  and applied it to the apples of my cheeks! Only a light dusting though because any more than that and it’s crazy looking as it’s so pigmented!!


I then dusted over some bronzer/contouring onto the typical places – forehead, cheekbones etc. I used Soap & Glory Solar Powder and used both sides (light & dark) to get a soft brown.


Eyeshadow is probably my favourite thing to play about with in makeup. For a natural look, I used a very light dusting, using a fluffy brush, of Natural Collection butterscotch eyeshadow. This adds a lovely lil bit of shimmer to make you look wide awake with that healthy Summer glow!


As per usual, I did my brows using my favourite powder from Catrice Cosmetics. Just to add some definition! I then set them with some clear brow gel from miss sporty


I am pretty lucky and have longer lashes, so on days where I am trying to be using less makeup, I can just curl mine and be happy with how they look. If however, your lashes are a bit shorter and you want them longer, go ahead and use your favourite mascara. Maybe, if you want the more natural look, you can use a clear mascara after you’ve curled the lashes!


Annnnnnnnnnnd you’re finished!

I love the whole natural makeup look! Yenno, showing your natural beauty and whatnot! If you noticed, I didn’t use any face powder. That’s because I had used a shine control moisturiser, which controls the oils on my face. It’s great not having to wear any powder also as it won’t block up any pores so it reduces the likelihood of spots!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading! If so, click the like button! Also, sorry for the lack of photos, computer is being weird today!                                                                                                                                                                                      

Stephanie x                                      

Summer Beauty Series: Day- Makeup of the day







SO THIS IS my first post in my ‘Summer Beauty Series.’ Basically I will just be posting different beauty related things, yenno, skincare, makeup etc. So yes, hope you enjoy this post! ALSO, I tried a different photo type layout, so yeah, maybe comment if you like it, or if you prefer the digital labelling? 🙂 Anyway, on to the actual post-



After gently applying your moisturiser by rubbing/massaging it in using your hands and fingers (with your favourite moisturiser/day cream) use a large makeup brush to sweep over some mineral face powder. You only want a light coat of the powder – i’ve been trying this out as a sort-of primer/base as i was asked about different primers recently ( I don’t like many face primers so I have been trying to find alternatives!)

If you want more coverage, apply bb cream to either all of your face or just the areas you want to cover up. Use a stippling brush to really blend this into your skin for a close-match to your skin! If you want the coverage to be even lighter, you can  place your hands on the area where you think the coverage is too thick – the heat from your hand will help it (melt) into your skin.

After this, apply your favourite liquid highlighter using your fingertips and put it onto features on your face you want a pretty healthy-glow. I applied this to the top of my cheeks,forehead,chin,cupids bow and the bridge of my nose.

Next I dabbed on some cream blusher onto my cheeks and rubbed both the highlighter and blusher in using a stippling brush.

To finish the face off, I used my ecotools face brush to brush on some powder to set the face makeup!

(  All face products used: )



Ok, in my recent post i said how i was v disappointed in my collection eye base, Turns out, I just needed to sharpen all the dried up product off. I also got a new lid for it and now it’s working really well! ANYWAY, I applied a thin layer of that onto  my lids and rubbed it in using  my third finger (the third finger has le softest touch!)  

I then used a small fluffy brush an applied the light grey colour from Catrice Cosmetics onto my crease.                                                                                                                                                                              


Once it was all rubbed in I applied my cream coloured shadow onto my lids. (Bourjois shade 08)

Using a crease brush I added my urban decay into the outer corner of my eye and worked it into the outer two thirds of my eyes.

To darken the look up I then added my Barry M dazzle dust – the green shade and applied it to the outer corner of my eyes. To finish off the eyeshadow, I blended these three with a large fluffy brush until they all gradually faded into each other.

I used my green eyeliner to line my upper lashline and also the lower outer corner of my waterline. Purple was then applied above the green line thickly to add a nice contrasting colour. I then blended these two with a fluffy brush to remove any harsh lines.

Next I curled my lashes using my no.7 eyelash curler and then applied one coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

Don’t forget about those brows girls! I applied my  favourite brow powder from Catrice Cosmetics using my angled brush.

Image                                                 Brushes Used:




Image                                               Annnnnnnnnnnnd le finished look:


Hope you enjoyed reading and the writing in the pictures wasn’t too hard to read, seriously though, if you would prefer the usual digital labels, i’d like to know! Thankssss for readinggggg! If you liked it then click the wee like button pleaseeee!

Much much love, Stephanie! x