Travel Makeup bag

So, I’m going to Lanzerote on Friday…Cannot wait!! Anyway, I finished packing today and I thought it might be helpful… or yenno.. just interesting for you to see my makeupmust- haves when travelling! So, here goes!!;

Sorry for the lack of photos, For some reason this won’t upload any :S



MUA – undress me 2 palette

This is a fantastic eyeshadow palette, can’t remember if i’ve mentioned it before, but it’s basically a dupe for urban decay’s naked 2 palette. Has some really beautiful nude shades! So I packed this because I don’t tend to wear anything too dramatic when wearing makeup on my hols! This is £4 from Superdrug and worth every (yet few) penny!


Maybelline  –  the falsies flared

Amazing mascara! Perfect for a nice soft natural look, but also great for a slightly more dramatic look, if layered! Don’t really plan on wearing this in the pool though as it’s not waterproof… also I hate wearing mascara(waterproof or not) in the pool!

Essence – eyeliner pen

  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while,you’d know I like using felt tip liners to apply my gel liner, So that’s why this is packed! Any Felt tip liner does the trick! 🙂

Essence – Long lasting eye pencil

I have this in purple and plan on wearing it over a nice lemony-pale shadow just as a pop of colour!

Rimmel exaggerate eye pencil waterproof  

Not really sure about the ‘waterproof’ claim but I do plan on wearing it over a nice lemony-pale shadow just as a pop of colour!

Seventeen – eye crayon

Non-liquid base yenno, keeps the shadow on all day!   Keeps the shadow nice and bright too!

Maybelline NewYork – master shape eyebrow pencil

Matches my brow shade nicely – handy brush on the end too!! 

Maybelline NewYork – Lasting drama gel liner (black)

 Love this stuff! It stays on all day with out fail! You can use this  on your waterline,tightline or just on your lids! Fab!


Soap & Glory – Kick ass concealer

Brilliant double concealer. There are 2 shades – a salmon for cancelling undereye dark circles and a yellow for cancelling out redness! Also comes with a nice setting powder!

Soap & Glory – Solar Powder

Must-have bronzer! It has a matt contour and a soft-shimmer. Perfect for a subtle Summer glow!

Maybelline NewYork – Dream Matte Powder

My favourite pressed powder… Just to absorb any oils on mah face! 🙂

MUA – Lolly blusher

A nice subtle coral colour perfect for a lil flush on the cheeks!

MUA – Shade 1 blusher

This one is more of a brighter pink. I swear it doesn’t come out that bright though! I like it on my paler skin! 🙂

Brushes –

 Eco tools Large Powder

I like to use this for dusting over some powder on my face and also blending out my bronzer & blusher!

Real Techniques – stippling brush

This flat-top brush is fab for blending in creams,liquids and powders! I’ll probably end up using it to make my suncream have less of an oily-look!

Victoria Jackson – Kabuki brush

Honestly, any brand is fab for kabuki brushes. I will be using mine to apply bronzer and blusher!

 Eye Brushes –

Doesn’t matter what brand. Mine are  no.7, front cover and another that i can’t remember haha

Basically, 2 essentials… One to apply shadow to your crease and another to blend it out!


No point packing all of your makeup kit! I have packed very lightly because I know that if i were to pack any more,  I wouldn’t wear it!

Are you going on holidays this Summer? What makeup can you not part without?

Hope you enjoyed reading! Do tell me about any products you recommend for travelling! Are there any you think i’ve missed?                                                                                             

-Stephanie x                                                                                                                   


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