Summer Beauty Series: Day- Makeup of the day







SO THIS IS my first post in my ‘Summer Beauty Series.’ Basically I will just be posting different beauty related things, yenno, skincare, makeup etc. So yes, hope you enjoy this post! ALSO, I tried a different photo type layout, so yeah, maybe comment if you like it, or if you prefer the digital labelling? 🙂 Anyway, on to the actual post-



After gently applying your moisturiser by rubbing/massaging it in using your hands and fingers (with your favourite moisturiser/day cream) use a large makeup brush to sweep over some mineral face powder. You only want a light coat of the powder – i’ve been trying this out as a sort-of primer/base as i was asked about different primers recently ( I don’t like many face primers so I have been trying to find alternatives!)

If you want more coverage, apply bb cream to either all of your face or just the areas you want to cover up. Use a stippling brush to really blend this into your skin for a close-match to your skin! If you want the coverage to be even lighter, you can  place your hands on the area where you think the coverage is too thick – the heat from your hand will help it (melt) into your skin.

After this, apply your favourite liquid highlighter using your fingertips and put it onto features on your face you want a pretty healthy-glow. I applied this to the top of my cheeks,forehead,chin,cupids bow and the bridge of my nose.

Next I dabbed on some cream blusher onto my cheeks and rubbed both the highlighter and blusher in using a stippling brush.

To finish the face off, I used my ecotools face brush to brush on some powder to set the face makeup!

(  All face products used: )



Ok, in my recent post i said how i was v disappointed in my collection eye base, Turns out, I just needed to sharpen all the dried up product off. I also got a new lid for it and now it’s working really well! ANYWAY, I applied a thin layer of that onto  my lids and rubbed it in using  my third finger (the third finger has le softest touch!)  

I then used a small fluffy brush an applied the light grey colour from Catrice Cosmetics onto my crease.                                                                                                                                                                              


Once it was all rubbed in I applied my cream coloured shadow onto my lids. (Bourjois shade 08)

Using a crease brush I added my urban decay into the outer corner of my eye and worked it into the outer two thirds of my eyes.

To darken the look up I then added my Barry M dazzle dust – the green shade and applied it to the outer corner of my eyes. To finish off the eyeshadow, I blended these three with a large fluffy brush until they all gradually faded into each other.

I used my green eyeliner to line my upper lashline and also the lower outer corner of my waterline. Purple was then applied above the green line thickly to add a nice contrasting colour. I then blended these two with a fluffy brush to remove any harsh lines.

Next I curled my lashes using my no.7 eyelash curler and then applied one coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

Don’t forget about those brows girls! I applied my  favourite brow powder from Catrice Cosmetics using my angled brush.

Image                                                 Brushes Used:




Image                                               Annnnnnnnnnnnd le finished look:


Hope you enjoyed reading and the writing in the pictures wasn’t too hard to read, seriously though, if you would prefer the usual digital labels, i’d like to know! Thankssss for readinggggg! If you liked it then click the wee like button pleaseeee!

Much much love, Stephanie! x                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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