Summer Beauty Series: Everyday Summer Makeup

Summer is such a fab time for fun bright colours, this can be on night outs or just casual day makeup. However, let’s face it, when you’re just going to be sitting at home, you just want a lil bit of makeup. (Well, I do anyway) So if you’re looking for a light coverage yet still a pretty Summer look, then read on! ūüôā


I will never go back to not moisturising daily. Ever since I started day and night with moisturisers that were kind to my skin, i haven’t had many problems since! When I say ‘many problems’ i’m talking about breakouts. Maybe I get a few here and there, but finding a good moisturiser has helped clear my skin! I use Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser every¬†morning before I apply any makeup! Both teatree & witch hazel have done wonders for my skin!


I then go on to apply whichever blusher I’m in the mood for using that day. Today I chose one with a little bit of shimmer to add a lovely glow to my cheeks. I used Soap & Glory Love at First Bush¬† and applied it to the apples of my cheeks! Only a light dusting though because any more than that and it’s crazy looking as it’s so pigmented!!


I then dusted over some bronzer/contouring onto the typical places Рforehead, cheekbones etc. I used Soap & Glory Solar Powder and used both sides (light & dark) to get a soft brown.


Eyeshadow is probably my favourite thing to play about with in makeup. For a natural look, I used a very light dusting, using a fluffy brush, of Natural Collection butterscotch eyeshadow. This adds a lovely lil bit of shimmer to make you look wide awake with that healthy Summer glow!


As per usual, I did my brows using my favourite powder from Catrice Cosmetics. Just to add some definition! I then set them with some clear brow gel from miss sporty. 


I¬†am pretty lucky and have longer lashes, so on days where I am trying to be using less makeup, I can just curl mine and be happy with how they look. If however, your lashes are a bit shorter and you want them longer, go ahead and use your favourite mascara. Maybe, if you want the more natural look, you can use a clear mascara after you’ve curled the lashes!


Annnnnnnnnnnd you’re finished!

I love the whole natural makeup look! Yenno, showing your natural beauty and whatnot! If you noticed, I didn’t use any face powder. That’s because I had used a shine control moisturiser, which controls the oils on my face. It’s great not having to wear any powder also as it won’t block up any pores so it reduces the likelihood of spots!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading! If so, click the like button! Also, sorry for the lack of photos, computer is being weird today!                                                                                                                                                                                      

Stephanie x                                      


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