Gotta lotta lip!

So i’ve been seeing a lot of posts about lipsticks, glosses and lip stains. Kinda feel a bit like the odd one out not having one up yet… So, i looked through my makeup drawer and picked out all my lip colours. If you’ve been here on my blog for a while, you’ll remember my lil post about how I’m not the biggest lipproduct fan, however I have, over the years, found a few shades and tints that I like.






So  here  are my five nude lipsticks. Below are the  swatches.




Left  to right matches the packaging above…. If you get me? haha

SO,                                                                                                                                                                                                            I’ll go from left to right.

Miss Sporty; Strip tease

My fave of my nude colours. It gives a nice sheer colour over le lips. It lets your natural pink lips shine through and it still gives them a nice pale-finish. I like to put this one over darker tints! It’s a cheapie one too. I did buy this ageeeees ago, so I can’t quite remember the price, but deffo less than £3! Miss Sporty also changed their lipstick packaging, so this one is deffo an oldie, but a goodie too!

Miss Sporty; Innocence

A pale pink colour…. a pretty pastel colour… very girly – yenno, if you’re into that haha! I go through phases of little baby-girl-pinks whether that’s clothing or lips  and this one’s great for then! It has a nice shine-finish to the lips and just like its twin, ‘strip tease‘ it’s also a cheaper one!

17; Lasting fix – Dreamy

Only like this one at certain points of the year. Also, i don’t typically wear this one by itself, but it is a nice one to mix with darker colours! I think I got this one for around £4-£4.50. Matte finish and meh… it’s okay. Not the best but also not the worst!

MUA; shade 4

Lovely shine to it and also a nice light pink tint! £1 too, so if you don’t like it, it’s not a big loss!

No.7; Tender Rose

A pretty matte soft pink shade probably nicer on tanner girls (and boys, no judging) Only got this recently for about£8, but it’s a nice one to wear one coat and apply with lipbalm to give it a more sheer-finish. ~I’m more comfortable with a tinted/sheer lip.!      




Elizabeth Arden; double intrigue

I put this one in here because i swear, on your lips it comes out as a sparkly copper! Unlike most other sparkley lipsticks, that have a gritty-finish, this one goes on nice and smoothly! The swatch above doesn’t look very much like how it does on the lips, it has a nice orangey-copper finish on the lips! Haven’t really tried out the gloss, so can’t really tell you much about it! But yeah, it also has an almost browney-maroon undertone to it as well! (A+ for description, right?)

Rimmel; 107

Has a nice matte finish and a gorgeous berry red tint! I like to wear some balm under this because it’s so pigmented! Probably will try out more from the Kate Moss range, but the ones in the black packaging – not the matte!

Soap & Glory; PomPom

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this!!! It’s the best matte lipstick that I have, it goes on nice and smoothly! You can wear it as a lighter shade with one coat, but it goes darker easily with more layers and it doesn’t look cakey!

MUA; Shade 13

I use this for hallowe’en type things…. It is highly pigmented and i’m assuming it would suit some people as a normal-look… Just not for moi! haha… Still, £1, so it’s okay!




I’d say lipstains are more of my thing! The prospect of colour on the lips with out the risk of red teeth sounds fab to me! Also, i’ve always wanted to wear lip colours (Obvioulsy not always, but since 2010 when I got a lipscar that i don’t like!) So yes, here are my fave lipstains! 🙂

I’ll just talk about the last one because it’s different than the rest. It’s from front cover and is a double-ended lip product. It slides on like a lipgloss and then it dries in and sets as a stain! It does leave kind of a dried-up feeling on the lips though, so i like to apply a bit of lip balm over it!  

My favourites::::


With the sheer miss sporty – strip tease on top of the neutral lipstain it gives a fab-nude finish!



annnnnnnnnnd my Soap and Glory one –



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