Top 5 Eye Products

One of my favourite beauty videoes/blogs are ones where the person’s favourite products are. Obviously everybody likes different products, but it’s always great getting honest reviews/opinions. So in this post i’ll be talking about my favourite eye products. Soon i’ll be doing my top 5 face products too! This is obviously going to be just for now, trying new things forgetting about older products I used to love… you get me? haha anyway, on with le post;

Base: Seventeen; eye crayon – icedImage

I  started using this one recently when I packed it instead of my mac paintpot for my holiday. I was amazed at how good it really is! A little swipe of product on your lids, rub in with either a finger or a brush and boom you have colour! I have only worn this as a base (A lot less hassle than primers) but seriously, no creasing all day! Brilliant! They come in 4 different shades but, for now, ‘ICED‘ is the only one I have. Pretty sure this is like a UK dupe for NYX’s eye crayons! Hopefully there will be more shades coming out soon! You can get these at Boots for £3.99! Fabbbb!

Gel  liner:  Maybelline  NewYork-  Lasting  Drama  Gel  Liner –Black



I’m a convert! I was pretty damn sure i’d found the best eyeliner for meeee, from collection 2000, just a liquid black. BUT, this stuff is AMAZING! It comes with a brush that’s good, but personally I use it with a dried out felt tip liner! (more control over it) This stays on all day without making you look like a panda! You can use it on your waterline, tightline or your lashline! stays on like a permanent marker! You have about 10 seconds to make it all smokey, if that’s how you want it, until it sets. Looks bold and fab! It’s £7.99 from boots and worth every penny! Highly recommend this one!  

Mascara: Maybelline New York- Falsies flared   


Like everybody else, this is one I can’t not talk about! It is brilliant! The only ‘Thefalsies‘ that i’ve tried, but it’s definitely one i’ll repurchase when i’m finished with this one! Gives volume, length and just the whole ‘wow factor’ thing..! You can layer it up and it looks great, or, you can scrape most of the product off inside the tube and give yourself the whole light-product  thing! Looks really great! You can get this product in boots for £7.99!                                         

Eyeshadow: MUA Undress me too


Oh my god, where do I begin!? The back-story… So, my mum had bough the Naked 2 palette for my sister the day I was out shopping and picked undress me too palette! I had bought it because I had heard it was a dupe for the naked 2 palette! So, I compared the 2 products and heyho, they were both identical! CRAZY! One difference though, my mum had paid £37, meanwhile I had paid £4 for mine! *Smug laughter* Don’t really know what else I can say about this one… swatches are above, you get it in Superdrug for £4.

Catrice Cosmetics: Eye brow set


Fab brow kit! Got this last Summer and I have used it everyday since & it still hasn’t hit pan! Stays on all day, doesn’t look chalky, but, i don’t know how much it costed nor where you can get it? Sorrrrrry!


Stephanie x                                                                   


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