‘Best Foot File Ever’?!




So i’ve had hard-heels for quite a while…I’ve gone and i’ve bought the cheaper £2 foot-file type things that you get from Savers, but after a while they just broke. So after I bout about 3 of these, I thought that I should go and buy a proper foot-care product that can help remove that hard skin that I absolutely hate!! See, in 2010 I had the softest feet ever! (Long long story, maybe, maybe, for a different post…) So now, i just compare my harder heels to when they were sooooo soft!

I’ve done the whole lot, yenno, sleeping with vaseline on the heels, rubbing minty products onto the rougher skin – you name it and i’ve probably tried it! I’ve tried most home remedies because, well, i’m a cheapskate and hate to buy something that I could just make at home!

So anyway, I actually have a point to this post!! So I was looking for the product ‘Ped Egg’ in boots today. It said on their website that they sell it for £10. I figured that because of its 5 star reviews and also the fact that I’ve already spent about £10 on cheaper, not-so-good products, I may as well buy it!

 So there I was, looking about for it, but they didn’t have it! I tried 2 Boots stores and 1 Superdrug, but none of them were selling it! So I just went groccery shopping with my mum (was having a day out with her) and I went and looked in the beauty isle. [Seriously, Tesco & Sainsury’s always sell beauty products cheaper!] Nothing really caught my eye though, so I just went on and looked at their clothes. But then I walked down the sale isle. What caught my eye? Ped Egg being sold for £5! That’s half the price!! CRAZY! I was sooooo happy!

So obviously I purchased it and opened it as soon as I got home (Like a kid on Christmas day, seriously!) and I tried it out! It comes with instructions (Very easy to follow) and 2 little exfoliating file thingys!

I started buffing my feet with this foot-file and immediately, the skin started to come off in little flakes. Yes, it’s kinda’ gross if you think about it, but the results are amazing! You continue to buff (vertically) at your rough skin patches until you are happy with how they look/feel! You then go on and use the little exfoliating file and just rub it on the fresh skin and whoala! Skin is baby soft!

I plan on using this about twice a week and whenever I feel my skin is getting too rough!

I know I haven’t even had it a day, but my first impressions on it are great! I recommend it! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any drugstore foot care products that will help keep le tootsies soft, I’d loveeeee to know about them! Thankssssss!



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