My Favourite Look (1)

Hola beauties! So I have been in a bit of a ‘I have no idea what to post about’ problem. Complete mind-blank, which honestly, didn’t think i’d be in so soon… So I was thinking to myself… what would I want to read from a different blog? Reviews?-Done them, but still, on-going. Top 10 favourite products? – Done those as well. I have also gotten to the point where I haven’t posted in so long that whatever I do post, it will have to be good! So, What would I like to read another blogger bog about? (Does this even make sense to you or am i kinda going off on a little tangent?) I’d like to see different looks different people feel the best with. Like their go-to casual/smart look! SO, after all of my thinkings, it’s what i’ve come up with. I have about 3 different ones. I’ll do them each in separate posts! So, without further adieu, My Favourite Look – Winged liner!

Like many many girls I love the blank-face, darkly-lined eyes look. My eyes are a part of moi that I like, so in most of my makeup looks, i try and put focus on my eyes – EMPHASIZE them!! ~Just like how a girl with great lips puts bold lipstick on, or great brows darkens them etc etc etc.

So, I tend to find myself reaching for my eyeliner. I’m more of a liquid/gel fan than i am with pencils – I am yet to find a pencil that is reasonably priced that isn’t going to make me look like a panda at the end of the day!! If you know of any matte pencil liners that don’t smear across your eye throughout the day, please please do tell!

This makeup look is also so simple that you can wear it with a glowey foundation, a matte foundation or just bare skin! Today I decided to wear it with my glowey-skin foundation, ‘Wake me up’ By Rimmel London.
Here are all the products used::::WP_20140713_002

The page is numbered to label it, Yep, trying out another label-style haha, so match the numbers with the picture;

1 MUA blusher: MARSHMALLOW £1

2 Soap & Glory: Solar Powder £11

3 Rimmel London: Wake Me up £8.99

4 Natural Collection: Loose Powder £1.99

5 Natural Collection: Butterscotch £1.79

6 Catrice Cosmetics: Starlight Expresso £4.99

7 Bourjois: Shade 08 £6.99

8 Catrice: Brow powder £5.70

9 Maybelline: Big eyes £8.99

10 Collection [2000]: Fast Stroke: Black £3.99

11 Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast £10

12 Soap & Glory: It’s About Prime £8

13: Maybelline: Master Precise liquid eyeliner £5.99

Each of the products used are drugstoreproducts that are pretty easy to get a hold of – a local boots/superdrug if you’re living in the UK, ebay would be your best bet if you’re living else-where and you’re unable to find any of them.

SO, what did I do with these products?

First, (after moisturising of course) I dusted over a light layer of my loose powder with a large fluffy brush. Not so much that it’s caked, but enough so that it has formed a little bit of … mattness(?) to your face. I’ve been doing this for a while now before applying my foundation – as a form of base because I don’t like how primers feel.Iswear, it works just as well as Benefit’s ‘porefessional’ does!  

After that, I do one pump of my foundation and massage it in using my hands. I apply to the centre of my face first and then blend it out towards the outside of my face. Because of the powdered-base (i’m assuming, because since I started using it i’ve gotten this result) I only need one pump – a little goes a very long way!!To help blend the foundation in I use my stippling brush (real techniques) and buff it into my face.

Next, I go on to my eyes. I apply a thin layer of the primer to my lids and rub it in gently. Once it has set, I go on to dust over a soft-champagne colour (bourjois 08) onto the lids.

The Catrice light-brown/gray shade is then applied to my crease for a tiny lil bit of definition! 🙂

Next is the tricky part. The bit that drives every girl mad!! The eyeliner. Now, I love eyeliner but, sometimes it is just tooooooooooooooo damn hard to work with! I have however found a way that (i think) makes it a much easier task. Get a pen liner and dip it into your favourite liquid liner! (yes, you could just use a pen liner, but I am yet to find a waterproof one.)So I then go on to do my winged eyeliner with my totally totally genius method!:P

I go on to curl my lashes andthen apply a coat of the thick & fast mascara. Once it has dried, apply the big eyes mascara over it and onto your lower lashes. (I looooooooove this for the lower lashes!!)

I then go back to my face and contour using the darker shade in solar powder and then highlight my chin, nose and upper cheeks using the butterscotch eyeshadow from natural collection.

Blusher is next and my favourite (right now) is my MUA marshmallow! apply a light dusting to the apples of my cheeks and whoala i’m finished!!

WP_20140713_003 WP_20140713_005

Here’s to being hideously unphotogenic, right?!

Ok, So I hope you enjoyed reading, i’d love to see what your favourite makeup look(s) are/is! Do link me it below if you post it! :)))

Also, If you do happen  to know of any great eyeliners (drugstore) then i’d realllly appreciate you letting me know haha!

Farewell for now, but, do be expecting some more posts soon! 🙂

Muchhh Loveee,



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