ELF – Eyes Lips Face

I first found out about ELF when I was hoking through my sister’s makeup drawer a couple of years back. I was confused because we don’t have the brand sold in the UK. So, I asked her about it and she explained how she bought it online. That really perplexed me, why would someone go makeup shopping… online!? I love going to shops and physically seeing the makeup, swatching it, smelling it etc. But, after looking at the items online& having seen the ones she had (mineral concealer & powder) it became  more clear! The makeup is a good price and the products are great!

So I went and i purchased 2 items (liquid liner and something else, but i forget what) – this was about 3- years ago I think. I wasn’t overly fond of the liquid liner if i’m honest, but that may very well be because it was my first liquid liner, so I found it tricky to apply.

ANYWAY, I’m blogging today to talk to you about their most up-to-date collection of makeup and tools.

I haven’t bought any since the first purchase, but I will be very soon!

Anyway, The Products That Interest Me:


‘Best Sellers’


Eyelid Primer:

This product has been raved and raved about, so for £1.95 I may as well give it a go, see if it’s worth the hype, eh? It comes in 4 different shades, champagne, sheer, pearl & golden, I will probably be purchasing it in pearl as i love a silvery shade on my eyes!

Mineral Eyeliner:

Didn’t know ELF did its own mineral liner, but i really love their mineral concealer, so I think i’ll give it a shot! This comes in 5 different shades, Black, coffee, midnight, ash & metallic purple. (Black, brown, dark blue, grey & purple) Since I am a huge grey-liner-junkie I will be purchasing the colour ‘ash.’ All I can hope is that it has good staying power&pigmentation, if so, i will love it!! These liners are individually sold for £3.50 – decent enough price for a mineral product.


Angled Eyeliner Brush:

Could this make applying liquid/gel liner easier? For £3.95 i’m willing to give it a shot!



If you’ve read my blog long enough you’ll know i’m  just not a lippie kinda girl, so nothing really interests me in this section!



I think i’ll go for the mineral translucent powder!

So, have you tried any ELF products, are there any that i’m missing out on? Have you tried any of the products listed? Did you like them? Are there any brands with a similar price range as ELF that you’d recommend me try out? I’m aware of MUA & I will be doing a haul on it too, soon!

Much Love!

Stephanienienienienie! x                                                                 


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