Drugstore Foundation Review:

So I thought, after much avoidance over the past year, that it’s about time I looked into foundations. No, not because I need it, but because I love makeup and I love trying different things. I love comparing cheaper makeup to help myself, my friends and you guys (Not that you aren’t my friends!) know which brands do the best! 

I’ve looked into eyeshadows finding dupes, looked into blushers and face powders too! So, when I saw all the sales in boots recently, I thought that now is better than anytime to pick these foundations up (even a little cheaper) than any! 

So after giving each foundation a few uses, I will now tell you about my experiences with them, what I think and whether I recommend them to you or not. 

May I just say also, that me being a ‘cheapskate’ means that literally every penny better be worth it or i’ll not be happy! 

So, enough of the bla bla bla and on with the actual content! 

So in the past 2-3 weeks I picked up 4 new foundations and I will also be telling you about 2 others that I have previously purchased.

So, here are the 6 foundations:

WP_20140831_003 (1)

Left > Right

Rimmel London Wake Me up ~ IVORY £8.99

Rimmel London Match Perfection ~ LIGHT PORCELAIN £6.99

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid ~ LIGHT PORCELAIN £7.99

Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse ~ LIGHT PORCELAIN £7.69

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation ~ LIGHT VANILLA £9.99

L’oreal Paris True Match ~ ROSE IVORY £9.99

Looking at this you can probably tell i’m a pale/pasty chica! You are indeed correct. If like me, you’re pale, you assumingly also find it so frustrating going foundation shopping because NO brands consider the paler girls (or the darker skinned girls either!)

So i’ll start left and move along the line. 

Firstly is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation. This is a really weird one. As you can see it is the darkest of the foundations. I have this in the lightest shade, ‘Ivory’, yet this is still pretty damn dark. (As you can see below.) The last time I used this though, I found that it blends in very well and it doesn’t appear darker than your skintone at all?! Soooo odd! 

A slight fault … or advantage, depending on how you look at it is, under artificial light, it looks like you have painted your face with glitter. I remember in English class last year, the guy beside me said… “You have glitter all over your face… do you know?” He was right too! It just looks like specks of glitter have been added to your skin. NOT CUTE!! However, in the sun light it gives a beautiful glow to your skin! Appropriate for the Summer, but I’m avoiding this one over winter/ autumn.

WP_20140831_005 WP_20140831_006


Next is Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation. This is beautiful. Really really great. I got this on sale for £5 in boots as a lot of their Rimmel products were reduced, so I couldn’t help but add it to my basket. And holy smokes, am I glad that I did?!?! (yes) This is definitely a makeup bag essential. You have your moisturiser applied, let it sink in and then you apply this and it will melt into your skin. Blends beautifully and matches your skin 100%. I love how this feels on my skin – light, barely a trace of it! It gives pretty good coverage, which is buildable too! I like to dust over some powder just to set this foundation. It gives a beautiful radiant-finish to your skin that seriously is like a higher-end product.  This foundation stays for quite a long time, i’m not overly sure about ‘all day’, but it definitely stays a good while! I much prefer this one to its cousin, wake me up, because it is just so natural looking. Not cakey, no streaks, your skin – but better!

WP_20140831_007 WP_20140831_008


Dream Satin Liquid –  is next. This one i’m having a love-hate relationship with. I found that you reallllly need to moisturise before applying this to give the foundation something to hold-on-to. It applies with perfection onc e your moisturiser has set. it blends in beautifully, you just need patience. This looks as though it will be too dark for my skin, but i’ve found that with blending, blending and a bit more blending that you will have your skin, but better. This stays at least 16 hours. definitely on all day. However, if you can’t be bothered with taking the time to blend it (i’m not judging, you may be in a rush!) then this really isn’t the foundation for you. It has a light-finish, but only when you blend it properly. If you justr apply it with your fingers and don’t buff it out with a stippling brush, you may have a cakey finish. I like to get about 3/4 of a pump of the product, rub onto my face using my warm fingers and then once it has almost set, I then get the stippling brush and buff it in. It takes about 2 minutes to apply this way, which may seem like no time… but it does in the morning! (does that make sense?) I do recommend this one, but only if you have the patience! 😛 


Maybelline New York – Dream Matte Mousse is a product that has been rated, reviewed and raved for years now. This is perfect for oily skin. PERFECT. If you have dry skin this is basically like trying to put clay on your face. It looks terrible when I go through my dry skin phases. I avoid this during the winter. However, on days I want my skin to look flawless, this is the one I reach for. I personally use my fingers to apply this, I’ve found that with a brush or a sponge this just comes off the skin… it’s not liquid so it can’t really be buffed into the skin? The warmth of your fingers going in a circular motion will blend this one in. If you have large pores, may I add, I’d recommend to avoid this product! I have larger pores around my nose which are just emphasised any time I have this applied. So basically this can be a hit or a miss for you. Also, a little bit goes a very long way with this one. A primer/ moisturiser is essential for this though, or else it will just rub off within an hour! Personally, it is a bit too much coverage for me on a daily basis, but on days you want to look flawless it is a nice one. 


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation So this is one that has also been raved about in the beauty world. FINALLY I picked it up. This was actually the first one of the 4 that I bought (recently.) This is perfect. The smell. The texture. The application. The finish. The lasting. I don’t even care that this is a tenner. This is amazing. Applies smoothly and with minimal effort. This comes in a few shades, AND with one that is pale enough for me too! There isn’t much to say about this one, other than, i 100% recommend it. Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin. If you have oily skin just dust over powder. This lasts all day and has buildable coverage. Beautiful. 

WP_20140831_013 WP_20140831_014

FINALLY, L’oreal Paris True Match, if you are at all interested in beauty, you have almost certainly heard of this one. Everyone loves it. EVERYONE. So I had to give it a go. First impressions? Very high coverage… I did however give it a few goes. It has a very liquidy solution when you pump it out, but when you apply it to your face and blend it in I found that it has a liquid to powder finish. I don’t realllllly know if i like that. I gave it a few more shots and I found that the reason I wasn’t so keen on it is because the coverage is so high. So I used half a pump and blended it in. Perfection. I love it now! Haha! If at first you don’t succeed…. yenno… try it again and again and again! It does give a pretty flawless-finish, but also not cakey! I love it… okay.. I like it a lot! I do recommend though, for any skin types! Also I’m glad that there is finally a drugstore brand that has enough skin tones! Whether you are very pale, or very dark, there’s likely to be a tone that matches you!

WP_20140831_015 WP_20140831_016

So, have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Have you any drugstore ones that you recommend to me? I’d love to know your suggestions/ recommendations. 

Also, if you have any questions about the products i used, please, don’t hesitate to ask! (I’m friendly… I swerrrr) 




Collection: Work The Colour Palette Review

So Recently I picked up the Collection work the colour palette from Boots. I had originally been searching for the barry m nude palette, but it was sold out everywhere. So while browsing the different brands, I came across this palette on sale for £2.99. That is mental! It is originally £3.99, which isn’t bad if you think about it… but I do recommend getting your butt to Boots NOW and adding it to your basket! 

This amazingly priced palette’s quality matches the price. AMAZING. There are 8 different shades and one creamy/waxy highlighter. ( I will talk about the highlighter at the end.) So anyway, I’ll start by saying that there isn’t much point me doing swatches for you because you can’t REALLLY see them against my pale skin in photos (most of them anyway) So i’ll just describe them to you! 🙂 

Firstly, The palette itself:


There are 8 different shades. 3 labelled 1, 2 labelled 2 and 3 labelled 3. 


The top left is a beautiful pale-yellow toned shadow. Tiniest bit of shimmer just to brighten the eyes. 

Middle is a slightly more cream-coloured shadow. There’s a little bit of shimmer in this one too. The pigment is amazing in this, what you see is what you get!

Bottom right is a mix of both yellow and cream. Really gorgeous. 


The middle shade is gray with a copper glow to it. Really gorgeous. Not too intense, but can be built up to be more intense!

The bottom shade is a soft matte brown. Not sure if it is matte, it may have the most subtle glow to it ever but definitely looks matte. 


Top right is my least favourite in this palette. it’s a soft dark brown with bits of fine gold glitter in it. I’m not too fond of wearing glitter… not on a daily basis anyway, so this will be used the least in the palette.

Middle is a gorgeous soft dark brown. It has grey undertones to intensify a smokey eye. Or, just a subtle darkness if you use just a little bit! 

Bottom is a smokey grey colour. it has slight dark brown undertones.  You can either use this to again intensiy the look or just blend it out and it will add beautiful definition to your eyes.

Each of these shades, 1,2 & 3 blend beautifully together. So easy to blend and so easy to build the look up.

I use shade 1 a;; over my lid, shade 2 on my crease and shade 3 on my outer corner. 

So, the ‘Highlighter’ is one that i’m not too keen on. I use powder highlighters as I find them easier to work with. I’m sure if you prefer cream/wax ones you will love it. It is a white highlighter that I imagine would stay on all day too. Just not for me… But hey, I may grow to love it! 

So below is a look that I created using this palette. 

Obviously there are many different looks you can create with these 8 different shades, so I may post up a few more, but for now:


This is a subtle everyday look. 

You most definitely can build the colours up and make it a more intense-smoky look. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Much Love love love,

Stephanie! 🙂 x

Got more lip

I know i’ve said it before that i’m not keen on lip products. But come one, when you see a product that has been raved and raved about being sold for ONE POUND, you have to pick it up. 

That’s what happened with the Apocalips from Rimmel London. Yep, it was in poundland! So I thought hey, let’s see if i like it. 

Below are the 3 products and swatches. 

WP_20130306_005 WP_20130306_003(1)

I can’t honestly tell you which shade is which because they aren’t labelled! 

All I really can say about these are that they are shiny and veryyyy pigmented. I’m trying to figure out how to tone down these pigments because I’m not a fan of bold lips (on me) 

However, if you’re into the whole lip-thing… then go for it! Amazing pigment… Not sure how long they last… But, for those who are like me and are more into the sheer-lips, hang about because i am trying different things out! 


Next are lip stains. I LOVE lip stains. 


Left > Right

400 – Eternal Flame

130 – Don’t Stop Blushing 

120 – Timeless Tango 

Love each of these. Highly recommend. They stay on all day too! 🙂

Won’t you stay with me?

I’ve always known primers were important. Not so much face primers for me, but eyes are a DEFFO. These are my 4 favourite primers/bases. Also yes, I do realise I did a post very similar to this a while back, but i feel as though I understand how to use these much better now!

So below are my 4 faves:


Top product:

Soap & Glory It’sAbout Prime £8

Middle Left:

SeventeenWild Metallic Eyes: Wild Nude £3.99

Middle Right:

MacPro Longwear Paint Pot: Chrome Angel £15.50

Bottom Product:

Seventeen Eye Crayon: Iced £4.99


Left > Right

1 Seventeen eye crayon 

2 mac prolongwear paintpot

3 soap & glory It’s About Prime 

 4 seventeen wild nude 

So now i’ll back up my reasons as to why these are my top 4 primers/bases.

So, I had given up on liquid eye primers since the huge disappointment that I had with the Urban Decay primer potion. If you are interested in eyeshadows and primers, you have almost certainly heard of the primer potion. For me, it just left a greasy residue on my eyes, resulting in the eyeshadow to crease and rub off when trying to blend anything in. If it works for you, that’s GREAT. I’m not saying it’s not a brilliant product, i’m just saying it really didn’t work for me. Also, with its price of £16, of course I was going to be incredibly disappointed!!!!

Soap & Glory It’s About Prime 

I gave liquid primers another shot when I saw Soap & Glory had released their own one. Being a huge fan of Soap & Glory, whether that be their cosmetics or their soaps and stuff. Seeing the price of £8 I thought I should give it a shot. And hell, am I glad that I did?!

Eight Pounds for the best thing ever! I love the pearl-finish it leaves on your eyes… yenno, that pale shimmer? Realllly nice! It opens your eyes up too!

How I use it is I take the wand out of the tube and dab a little bit of product on both eye lids. (A little goes a long way!) Once you’ve done that, rub it in with your third finger until it doesn’t rub in any more… You know… when it has sunk in! And Boom! That’s it finished, you can now apply your eyeshadow. This is a brilliant product for one single dusting of eyeshadow and it also works well with layering your shadows up too! 

Seventeen Wild Metallic Eyes Wild Nude

 A lot of brands have been bringing out their own versions of cream eyeshadows. With the Colour tattoos from maybelline to the paintpots from mac, the cream shadows have been becoming more popular over the past year or so. 

Seventeen is a brand that I love love love, so when I saw that if I were to buy a mascara (I love their mascaras) that I would get a free cream shadow, I was like hella yessa! (…I bought it…) 

You need a teeny bit of this and you rub it into your eyes. boom. colour. All day. Apply shadow on top of it to set it though, that’s my only recommendation for this one. But hey. For £3.99 that’s ok! 

Mac Paintpot

I fell out with this one because I found that my eyeshadow creased with it. Have you done the same? But, recently I tried it out again … because for such a raved about product, It could be ME that is making the mistake…. 

I was right. (and wrong… but let’s not focus on that!) You need a little bit and you need to rub it in properly. Like the other primer, you need to make sure that it has set before you do anything more with it. Unlike the Seventeen product however,  you can wear this by itself or with eyeshadows on top. Either way you get lasting perfection and you will be satisfied! 🙂 

ALSO, can I just say… there’s a possibility that I will buy this again… because well,. I got this in January this year and I have made a teeny tiny crease in it… not hit pan, barely even made a dent! This is a great everyday product… I got it in the light shade simply to open the eyes… widen them! Make them appear BRIGHTER! 🙂 


Seventeen Eye crayon

I. Love. This. 

This is an on-the-go product. It can fit in your handbag, your purse or even your pocket! You just need a little bit on your lids… one swipe then rub it in. Apply a coat of eyeshadow on top just to set it and you will have beautiful eyes all day! 


Amazing. I recommend 100% I may even go to boots and get it in different colours… But I do love the paler colours on my eyes… so yenno 😛 

Okay, Enough of my ramblings! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have you got any primer/base favourites? I’d loveeee to know and maybe add to my little collection! 🙂 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

PS… totally clever title… right? … Like the song… Get it? I bet you did get it… you clever thang! c; 

Stephanie x 





Conceal that

Although i’m not too big a fan of concealers, i have tried a few out since i started using makeup!

Below is a picture of my collection:


The tub at the top left = ELF mineral concealer 

Below that is Benefit Boi-ing 

The tub to the right of that is Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer

The silver tub above is Benefit ‘fakeup’

The tubes in the middle: the top one is YSL ‘Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat’

Below is Seventeen ‘Hide & Chic’ concealer

Bottom tube is Seventeen Hide Away

So, The two seventeen products are no longer available. However, I know there is a new formula and new packaging which i will eventually pick it up. 

I’d say my favourite is the Hide away concealer and the soap and glory one. I like that they apply smoothly and set nicely. Both stay on all day and don’t crease either!

Recently i’ve been getting into the ELF mineral concealer. It’s such great coverage and is light too! Really great! DEFFO recommend!

I’ve found benefit’s Boi-ing to be drying and their ‘fakeup’ is just too dark, even their lightest shade, so i can’t really use it. :/ 

As for the other liquids, I just don’t like them! The YSL one is too oily/greasy. The hide and chic concealer is nice.. but doesn’t come in light enough shades. Do recommend it for girls with a tan though!

So what concealers do you like? Any you recommend? I’m kinda novice with them… not really sure about them as foundation usually gives me enough coverage. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Cya soon! 🙂 

Stephanie! xo


So…. I went shopping…

Ever get when you have a plan on what you’re going to buy… then you end up not getting anything on your list? YEP, me too. So today I went out with my brother (yea, shopping… not a great idea!) to get me some new makeupssssss!

I had in mind that I would get the matte MUA palette and a max factor mascara. Did I end up getting either? Nope. However, i am soooo happy with what I did get!

Below is a wee image of what I got! 🙂 

WP_20140825_002 (2)

At the top I have an NYC classic brow/liner pencil in DARK BROWN. This costed £1.99

Below that is the NYC Brush On Brow Kit in BRUNETTE. This costed £1.99

Below that is the Collection Work the colour Eye Palette in NUDE. This costed £2.99

To the Right is Natural Collection blusher in SWEET CHEEKS. This costed £1.99

Beside this is Maybelline New York mascara, MEGA PLUSH. This costed £7.99

Next to that is Maybelline New York mascara, The volum’ express Colossal Smokey in BLACK. This costed £7.99

Next is Maybelline New York mascara, The volum’ express falsies in BLACK DRAMA. This costed £7.99

Finally, the last one is Maybelline New York foundation – The Dream Satin Liquid in Porcelain. This costed £7.99

I’ve been getting a few foundations and trying them out, so be expecting some comparings and contrastings soon! 

Also, Boots is doing a 3 for 2 sale on all of their makeup, so basically i got one free! 😛 ALSOSOSOSO, I had a £2 off when you spend over £20, so basically I got each mascara for £3! (Hope that made sense…) 

I love Maybelline’s mascaras and eye products, so i had to pick up these 3 mascaras. I’ll probs be doing some reviews in the next month! So keep your eyes peeled! 😛 

Also, I know i’ve been really shite for posting over Summer, I’ve just been so busy! But seriously, be expecting a ton of reviews, comparisons and favourites! I’ve shopped and shopped getting more and more drugstore products. Loadsa foundations that i’ve been loving!

SO basically I’ll see ya soon, Will try out all of these products and give you reviews! 

Love you so very much and thanks a ton for reading and staying with me while i’ve had a major blogging-block! 

Much loveeeeeeee,



July/August Favourites:

So because I didn’t post a ‘favourites’ for July I kinda figured I could do a July-August one now!

There are actually 10 drugstore products that i’ve been loving this/last month! All affordable and definitely ones that I recommend as well!

So stop rambing and get on with the post, huh? SO, My July/August favourites:




Collection Sheer Loose Powder

This stuff is amazing!! Why haven’t I heard of this  before?! I hear how amazing rimmel’s stay matte powder is (I disagree, I think it is shite) yet this one is completely over-looked?! I got this for £2.99, it isn’t advertised on the Boots website…. but I 100% recommend! It goes on so light and comes in a pale shade too! Brill for us pasty girls!

Rimmel Match Perfection: (Porcelain) 

So I’m very pale and always appreciate when brands come out in a wide range of shades. This one definitely matches my skin and is easy to apply. I dust over some powder on top just to prolong the wear of it. I did find that it doesn’t wear all day though, needs some touch-ups. But as someone who touches their face all day, I can’t expect it to stay on! Still playing about with this, but as for now i’m enjoying it! It’s currently on sale for £4.99 in Boots, so  I thought it was the perfect time to pick up this internet-famous product!

L’oreal true match: (Rose Ivory)

This is an interesting one. It comes out of the bottle (which is an adorable cuboid shape, not the typical cylinder… am I weird for finding that awesome?)  as a very liquidy-liquid… Then, when you apply it to your face it has a liquid to powder finish! I’ve not come across any other foundations that do that so i think it’s class! Many different shades too,  so whether you’re tanned or as white as a ghost there’s probably a shade for you! Really liking it so far! It can apply a bit cakey though, so blend blend blend! Just like the Match Perfection one, i’m still trying to find different ways of applying it etc. But as for now, i’m loving it!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: (Light Vanilla) 

This was the first out of the three foundations I bought this month. I had been reading a lot of reviews on different drugstore foundations and this seemed to be the best priced and came in a suitable shade. When I went to Boots to try it out, it matched perfectly to my skin. Also, can I just pass comment  on the SMELL of this  stuff?! Not the stereotypical foundationy smell, but fab fruity smell! This applies like a dream and blends easily! I’d say it has a light-medium coverage that is definitely buildable! I know this comes in a serum form as well, have you tried it? If so, what were your thoughts on it? I most certainly will  be repurchasing this one once it’s finished… I may have finally found my foundation match!!!


Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub

HOLY SMOKES. I can’t even begin. I posted about this earlier this week. This is magical. After 2 used All blackheads and pore-bumps are gone! This is amazing. Tingles when you apply, which I love, basically you can FEEL this working on your skin! Results after the first use! For sale in boots for £3.33 at the moment, it’s typically £4.99, so pick it up NOW! You won’t regret it! Fantastic product.


Soap & Glory Love At First Blush

I got this for Christmas in 2012. I’ve been using it on and off for the past 2 years, but only recently have I properly fallen in  love with it! It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks. Not too pink and not too deep! It’s the perfect in-between. Also, the shimmer is subtle so it just adds a lovely glow to your cheeks! Beautiful product and for the fantastic price of £11 for an amazing, pigmented 3-shade blusher, there’s no reason not to put this in your shopping basket!


Real Techniques Stipple Brush

Get this now. £11.99, best £12 spent on a makeup brush. This is fantastic. blurs and blends the foundation perfectly. This is one that I wouldn’t be able to apply makeup without  anymore. Did that make sense? You know… like I NEED it now! With patience you will get a beautiful finish to your face makeup. Definitely, try this out!!


maybelline gel liner

Maybelline studio lasting Drama Gel Liner(Black)

Genuinely don’t know where I would be without this now! The application is smooth and highly pigmented! You get it in black and what you get is BLACK. Beautiful!!! I apply with a pen liner as I find I can get the line better that way! This stays on all day without smudging. Basically, you apply it to your eyes and you have about 20 seconds to blend it if that’s the look you’re going for (smokey) BUT, leave it and it will be bold and beautiful! This is great for the water line and the tight line. Stays there without budging! £7.99 is a fantastic price! This could easily be mistaken for a high-end product, THAT’s how amazing it is!


Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Flash-Extensions Mascara

So I just kinda forgot about this one. I apply this as a base coat of mascara. The reason I stopped using it was because I found that it smudged all over my eyes, So I apply this to my upper lashes and it just gives them such body! Very long Very Thick Just gorgeous! I ‘set’ the mascara, a couple of seconds after this is applied, with the falsies flared. Beautiful match together! I highly recommend this one too, only £10.50 for a great mascara!

So that would be it for my top 10 of the past 2 months. Have you tried any of these products? Do you love them as much as I do, or did you have trouble with them? Any products that you’d recommend?