Costa Vanilla Latte at Home!

Costa and starbucks are two fabulous coffee shops! Personally, i’m more of a Costa fan, but

starbucks is great too!!

Anyway, i’m not up for paying £2.80 for a latte (More with flavouring) everyday for a wake-me-up drink! So, me being the cheap-skate I am HAD to try it out for myself at home!

So, I guarantee that YOU can make a great latte at home for a fraction of the  cost! You more than likely have all of these ingredients at home also, so it’s not like you’ll have to be going out to purchase anything awkward!

So, HOW did I make it?

Get yourself these things:

-Your favourite coffee mug

-Your yummiest coffee granules

-Carton of milk

-third (of your favourite mug) water

-2 teaspoons of sugar

-Quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract

1. Boil the water (well, put it in the kettle until it’s  boied, obviously)

2. Fill 3/4 of your mug with milk and then pour it into a jug, microwave for 30 secs. Once 30 secs is up stir the milk up with a fork and then put it back in for 30 secs. Continue to do this until it’s the right temperature for you!

3. Get a teaspoon of your coffee and put it into your mug. Pour in the water and stir until it’s all dissolved.

4. In a smaller bowl, put 2tsps of sugar in, 2 tsps boiling water in & 1/4 teaspoon in. mix together until everything is dissolved. This is your vanilla syrup. Add the syrup now to your mug of coffee & water.

5. Once you’re  happy with the temperature of the milk, add it to your mug & now just mix everything together!

Taadaaaa! Homemade latte!

Your syrup doesn’t have to be vanilla, it could be peppermint, caramedownload… whatever you like really! Do the same measurements just replace the vanilla extract with whatever you want!

Hope you enjoy!

Stephanie! x


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