So…. I went shopping…

Ever get when you have a plan on what you’re going to buy… then you end up not getting anything on your list? YEP, me too. So today I went out with my brother (yea, shopping… not a great idea!) to get me some new makeupssssss!

I had in mind that I would get the matte MUA palette and a max factor mascara. Did I end up getting either? Nope. However, i am soooo happy with what I did get!

Below is a wee image of what I got! 🙂 

WP_20140825_002 (2)

At the top I have an NYC classic brow/liner pencil in DARK BROWN. This costed £1.99

Below that is the NYC Brush On Brow Kit in BRUNETTE. This costed £1.99

Below that is the Collection Work the colour Eye Palette in NUDE. This costed £2.99

To the Right is Natural Collection blusher in SWEET CHEEKS. This costed £1.99

Beside this is Maybelline New York mascara, MEGA PLUSH. This costed £7.99

Next to that is Maybelline New York mascara, The volum’ express Colossal Smokey in BLACK. This costed £7.99

Next is Maybelline New York mascara, The volum’ express falsies in BLACK DRAMA. This costed £7.99

Finally, the last one is Maybelline New York foundation – The Dream Satin Liquid in Porcelain. This costed £7.99

I’ve been getting a few foundations and trying them out, so be expecting some comparings and contrastings soon! 

Also, Boots is doing a 3 for 2 sale on all of their makeup, so basically i got one free! 😛 ALSOSOSOSO, I had a £2 off when you spend over £20, so basically I got each mascara for £3! (Hope that made sense…) 

I love Maybelline’s mascaras and eye products, so i had to pick up these 3 mascaras. I’ll probs be doing some reviews in the next month! So keep your eyes peeled! 😛 

Also, I know i’ve been really shite for posting over Summer, I’ve just been so busy! But seriously, be expecting a ton of reviews, comparisons and favourites! I’ve shopped and shopped getting more and more drugstore products. Loadsa foundations that i’ve been loving!

SO basically I’ll see ya soon, Will try out all of these products and give you reviews! 

Love you so very much and thanks a ton for reading and staying with me while i’ve had a major blogging-block! 

Much loveeeeeeee,




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