Got more lip

I know i’ve said it before that i’m not keen on lip products. But come one, when you see a product that has been raved and raved about being sold for ONE POUND, you have to pick it up. 

That’s what happened with the Apocalips from Rimmel London. Yep, it was in poundland! So I thought hey, let’s see if i like it. 

Below are the 3 products and swatches. 

WP_20130306_005 WP_20130306_003(1)

I can’t honestly tell you which shade is which because they aren’t labelled! 

All I really can say about these are that they are shiny and veryyyy pigmented. I’m trying to figure out how to tone down these pigments because I’m not a fan of bold lips (on me) 

However, if you’re into the whole lip-thing… then go for it! Amazing pigment… Not sure how long they last… But, for those who are like me and are more into the sheer-lips, hang about because i am trying different things out! 


Next are lip stains. I LOVE lip stains. 


Left > Right

400 – Eternal Flame

130 – Don’t Stop Blushing 

120 – Timeless Tango 

Love each of these. Highly recommend. They stay on all day too! 🙂


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