Won’t you stay with me?

I’ve always known primers were important. Not so much face primers for me, but eyes are a DEFFO. These are my 4 favourite primers/bases. Also yes, I do realise I did a post very similar to this a while back, but i feel as though I understand how to use these much better now!

So below are my 4 faves:


Top product:

Soap & Glory It’sAbout Prime £8

Middle Left:

SeventeenWild Metallic Eyes: Wild Nude £3.99

Middle Right:

MacPro Longwear Paint Pot: Chrome Angel £15.50

Bottom Product:

Seventeen Eye Crayon: Iced £4.99


Left > Right

1 Seventeen eye crayon 

2 mac prolongwear paintpot

3 soap & glory It’s About Prime 

 4 seventeen wild nude 

So now i’ll back up my reasons as to why these are my top 4 primers/bases.

So, I had given up on liquid eye primers since the huge disappointment that I had with the Urban Decay primer potion. If you are interested in eyeshadows and primers, you have almost certainly heard of the primer potion. For me, it just left a greasy residue on my eyes, resulting in the eyeshadow to crease and rub off when trying to blend anything in. If it works for you, that’s GREAT. I’m not saying it’s not a brilliant product, i’m just saying it really didn’t work for me. Also, with its price of £16, of course I was going to be incredibly disappointed!!!!

Soap & Glory It’s About Prime 

I gave liquid primers another shot when I saw Soap & Glory had released their own one. Being a huge fan of Soap & Glory, whether that be their cosmetics or their soaps and stuff. Seeing the price of £8 I thought I should give it a shot. And hell, am I glad that I did?!

Eight Pounds for the best thing ever! I love the pearl-finish it leaves on your eyes… yenno, that pale shimmer? Realllly nice! It opens your eyes up too!

How I use it is I take the wand out of the tube and dab a little bit of product on both eye lids. (A little goes a long way!) Once you’ve done that, rub it in with your third finger until it doesn’t rub in any more… You know… when it has sunk in! And Boom! That’s it finished, you can now apply your eyeshadow. This is a brilliant product for one single dusting of eyeshadow and it also works well with layering your shadows up too! 

Seventeen Wild Metallic Eyes Wild Nude

 A lot of brands have been bringing out their own versions of cream eyeshadows. With the Colour tattoos from maybelline to the paintpots from mac, the cream shadows have been becoming more popular over the past year or so. 

Seventeen is a brand that I love love love, so when I saw that if I were to buy a mascara (I love their mascaras) that I would get a free cream shadow, I was like hella yessa! (…I bought it…) 

You need a teeny bit of this and you rub it into your eyes. boom. colour. All day. Apply shadow on top of it to set it though, that’s my only recommendation for this one. But hey. For £3.99 that’s ok! 

Mac Paintpot

I fell out with this one because I found that my eyeshadow creased with it. Have you done the same? But, recently I tried it out again … because for such a raved about product, It could be ME that is making the mistake…. 

I was right. (and wrong… but let’s not focus on that!) You need a little bit and you need to rub it in properly. Like the other primer, you need to make sure that it has set before you do anything more with it. Unlike the Seventeen product however,  you can wear this by itself or with eyeshadows on top. Either way you get lasting perfection and you will be satisfied! 🙂 

ALSO, can I just say… there’s a possibility that I will buy this again… because well,. I got this in January this year and I have made a teeny tiny crease in it… not hit pan, barely even made a dent! This is a great everyday product… I got it in the light shade simply to open the eyes… widen them! Make them appear BRIGHTER! 🙂 


Seventeen Eye crayon

I. Love. This. 

This is an on-the-go product. It can fit in your handbag, your purse or even your pocket! You just need a little bit on your lids… one swipe then rub it in. Apply a coat of eyeshadow on top just to set it and you will have beautiful eyes all day! 


Amazing. I recommend 100% I may even go to boots and get it in different colours… But I do love the paler colours on my eyes… so yenno 😛 

Okay, Enough of my ramblings! 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have you got any primer/base favourites? I’d loveeee to know and maybe add to my little collection! 🙂 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

PS… totally clever title… right? … Like the song… Get it? I bet you did get it… you clever thang! c; 

Stephanie x 






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