Collection: Work The Colour Palette Review

So Recently I picked up the Collection work the colour palette from Boots. I had originally been searching for the barry m nude palette, but it was sold out everywhere. So while browsing the different brands, I came across this palette on sale for £2.99. That is mental! It is originally £3.99, which isn’t bad if you think about it… but I do recommend getting your butt to Boots NOW and adding it to your basket! 

This amazingly priced palette’s quality matches the price. AMAZING. There are 8 different shades and one creamy/waxy highlighter. ( I will talk about the highlighter at the end.) So anyway, I’ll start by saying that there isn’t much point me doing swatches for you because you can’t REALLLY see them against my pale skin in photos (most of them anyway) So i’ll just describe them to you! 🙂 

Firstly, The palette itself:


There are 8 different shades. 3 labelled 1, 2 labelled 2 and 3 labelled 3. 


The top left is a beautiful pale-yellow toned shadow. Tiniest bit of shimmer just to brighten the eyes. 

Middle is a slightly more cream-coloured shadow. There’s a little bit of shimmer in this one too. The pigment is amazing in this, what you see is what you get!

Bottom right is a mix of both yellow and cream. Really gorgeous. 


The middle shade is gray with a copper glow to it. Really gorgeous. Not too intense, but can be built up to be more intense!

The bottom shade is a soft matte brown. Not sure if it is matte, it may have the most subtle glow to it ever but definitely looks matte. 


Top right is my least favourite in this palette. it’s a soft dark brown with bits of fine gold glitter in it. I’m not too fond of wearing glitter… not on a daily basis anyway, so this will be used the least in the palette.

Middle is a gorgeous soft dark brown. It has grey undertones to intensify a smokey eye. Or, just a subtle darkness if you use just a little bit! 

Bottom is a smokey grey colour. it has slight dark brown undertones.  You can either use this to again intensiy the look or just blend it out and it will add beautiful definition to your eyes.

Each of these shades, 1,2 & 3 blend beautifully together. So easy to blend and so easy to build the look up.

I use shade 1 a;; over my lid, shade 2 on my crease and shade 3 on my outer corner. 

So, the ‘Highlighter’ is one that i’m not too keen on. I use powder highlighters as I find them easier to work with. I’m sure if you prefer cream/wax ones you will love it. It is a white highlighter that I imagine would stay on all day too. Just not for me… But hey, I may grow to love it! 

So below is a look that I created using this palette. 

Obviously there are many different looks you can create with these 8 different shades, so I may post up a few more, but for now:


This is a subtle everyday look. 

You most definitely can build the colours up and make it a more intense-smoky look. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Much Love love love,

Stephanie! 🙂 x


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