Hi friend… I can still call you that… right? I know I have been totally awful at blogging lately! I keep holding it off – Let’s blame school, shall we. SERIOUSLY THOUGH – 3 coursework-based subjects – not a lot of free time!

However, I do have a lot of new things to tell you about! I’ve gotten new hair treatment things, new foundations, new eyeshadows and just some new stories too!

So, What will I begin with?

I’ll do new favourites… Not monthly, because i’d be lying, i’ve gotten these over the past few months!

SO:    My New Favourites: 

To begin with, I’ll talk about what i’ve been putting on my bake.

I’ve been getting into the whole contour/highlight thing. I was so enthused when I saw Boots now do Sleek makeup! It is pretty well known that sleek do amazing blushes/highlighters & contours. So I couldn’t resist picking one up. From what I remember, they had 4 shades. These being Light, Fair, (?) & dark. I found that the fair was too orangey for my skin, so I went with light. Pretty happy with this trio. It was £11.99… or £9.99, I really can’t remember! It is very pigmented and just all round a nice, good product. The blusher in this trio is a bit too out there for me to where everyday, however I tried it for the first time today and it was quite all right to be honest! Does the job.

HOWEVER, today when I was in boots I saw that seventeen (/17) have a new product called ‘define & conquer’. for only £4.99, I really couldn’t resist picking it up. This product – even the packaging – is pretty damn similar to Sleek. I will deffo do a wee comparison post .





I’ve gotten 3 new palettes that I will do in one biiiig review with loadsa swatches and stuff, so keep yo eyes peeled! (I may even do some looks for it too! 😮 )


I have gotten so fed up with my short hair. I realllllly miss it being long. It’s also my formal coming up in December (Gotten my dress!) and I would really just like to give my hair growth a bit of a boost. If you don’t believe these hair growth thingys work, good for you. However, I have some faith in this stuff. So i’ve been using Alpecin hair growth shampoo every time I wash my hair. Today in Boots I picked up an old favourite that I have previously used (it was also successful in boosting my hair growth may I add!!) So far I have noticed a little growth. I’ve been using the shampoo 3-4 weeks. I can now fit my hair into a teeeeny tinnnnny pony tail! 🙂 YAY.


Apologies on the lack of posts, happy hallowe’en!