Quick Foundation Tip

So if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll know that I used to generally not wear foundation. Not only because, well, i didn’t really need it but also because it would tend to look cakey on me.

I understand light coverage and high coverage, I understand how high coverage will be tricky to blend in etc. but I always struggled with both formulas. I understand the different brushes whether they be stippling, flat foundation brush or even a makeup sponge. My skin was prepared – moisturizer etc. I woulda had smooth skin and stuff because I do exfoliate too!! I GET ALL THAT. I found it so frustrating, because I would use all the right techniques, but still I looked like I had caked on the makeup!

So I was kinda on a stand-still. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, so I just kinda stopped for a while. So if, like me, you seem to be doing all the right things but your foundation still looks cakey, why not try out this lil tip.

Trick is (Yenno what you may already do this, i might just be the only one who doesn’t…) Trick is you apply it all in sections.


Pump out a tiny amount – quarter of a pump – and apply it to a section of your face. I do my face in 4 sections – cheek, cheek, chin, forehead. First lil pump I put onto my right cheek using my finger tips. I blend this across my cheek and over half my nose. Once I feel it has almost sunk into my skin, I then get my real techniques stippling brush and blend blend blend! Once i’m happy with this, I do the same to the rest of my face – all in sections.

I feel that this is a much better technique, because you can focus on each section, preventing the cakey look. You will have more time before the foundation sets into your skin. Also, this will also help save product, because you are only pumping off what you need!

Once you’re finished with applying all of the foundation and you’re happy with it, You can dust over a teeeny tinnny amount of powder. I found though, because all of it has properly been blended and properly set, you really don’t need it!

Hope this tip is helpful to at least somebody! Maybe i’ve just been completely out-of-the-knowing  of this one, but it has certainly helped me!

Do you have any foundation tips for me? I would genuinely love to know!

Thanks for reading and also baring with me throughout my ginormous break from blogging!

Lotsa loveeeeee