early morning ramblings

do you ever get when you can’t sleep? …. Well obviously you have, you’re only human. Let’s start this again

I cant sleep. So let’s do a little catch up.¬† school work has been piling up like crazy – the joys of choosing 3 coursework-bases subjects! I have decided to just have a wee break from it and enjoy the Christmas break though! So as i cant sleep, i thought, there’s no time like the present¬†to have a catchup with my blogging buddies! ( that’s you!!)

This Christmas has been different – to say the least. I say that because on the 23rd i had a head operation -( no I’m not crazy, i was just getting a scar removed) this was v scary and basically the pain kicked in on Christmas Eve. So definitely a different Christmas experience! That is the reason why im up at 5AM writing this – too sore to sleep!!

i have once again started watching desperate housewives – it is soooo good! Highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it – and the ones that have :p

things I’ve been loving recently would be mac prolongweAr paintpot, l’oreal liquid liner & some nice dark lipstick!

since about early October I’ve been using Lee Stafford’s hair growth treatment – the one in the pink tub. I have found that my hair has grown a fair amount since doing this, so i do recommend to those girlies that are fed up with their hair that just

doesn’t seem to grow (i know the feeling)

I’m typing this on my phone and cant seem to fix that big space, sorry!

this newyear’s eve, i plan on doing some dark eyes with some brilliant dark lips! Hopefully i can post some wee looks and you can tell me what you think! Lastnight i did a brilliant dark copper, almost penny-toned shadow with fab lips and the day before black and purple Smokey eye. Oh the decissions a girl must face, am i right?

look out for some makeup reviews and little looks/demos!

thanks for reading (if you’ve made it to the end of this) just getting a lot of thoughts out into a post haha! Speak soon!

Stephanie x


Drugstore Pick Ups!

Hey there my lovelies! I hope you all had a brilliant December and I hope you all got spoiled rotten for Christmas!! Besides all the amazing things that happen around this time of year ( Christmas dinner, the smells, the family over etc etc) I love the sales that happen after Christmas! I couldn’t help but to visit 3 local shops to indulge in some ‘on sale’ items.


Left -> Right

Next – blusher & balm

Next – Highlighter & eyeshadow

Boots – Boots essentials moisturizing cream

Next – Eyebrow pencil/ highlighter

Real Techniques – Powder brush

Marks & Spencer – Limited Lipstick: Mallow

Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush

Marks & Spencer – limited collection lipstick : WINE

Collection – Kohl eyeliner : shade 01

What do I think?

I’m not a lipstick fan, but omg i love this one! I’m going to try and wear more lipstick next year…. give it a proper chance! But I do like this dark one! It has a nice balmy type finish too, yet a lot of pigment! Brilliant.

I am yet to try the rest, but do stick around to see what I think about them!

Hope you had a brilliant Christmas and I wish you all a really great 2015! Much Love!

Stephanie x