MAKEUP: My top 5 eye products of 2014

Soooooooo I have gotten lotsa new products this year. I thought I should tell you guys about which were my favourites! I’ll be doing hair, skin and makeup. I love eye makeup! Recently i’ve been experimenting in different looks. I did a really awesome smokey eye yesterday – hey I could do a tutorial maybe… maybe haha.

So Let’s Go:

Mac 52a4c16a-6bdc-472b-935a-344d6aba1eb5-matte-palette--mua-32253 2213592 download loreal

The first image is of mac prolongwear paintpot in chrome angel. I love this as a base. I put it on  my clean eyelid then do my eyeliner & eyeshadow. It works an angel (hey look at that). You can get this either online or in a shop like house of fraser or Debenhams for £15.50.

Next to that is my MUA matte palette. I love the colours in this. I like to mix this with a shimmer base, or just mixing it with shimmery shadows. It is brill for a smokey eye and also just a plain natural one! For £4, I really can’t see a problem! You can buy this one either online or in Superdrug.

Maybelline do a brilliant gel liner. I loveeeeeeee this! It is brilliant for tight lining, for normal lining and for tight lining! It is so easy to work with as well! Personally I prefer to use a dried out felt tip liner than using a brush. This can smudge out really nicely, but once it has set it has set! Won’t budge! However, It does dry out so don’t have the lid off too long! 🙂 This is £7.99. But, does last quite a long time – I’m pretty sure i’ll find a way to un-dry it out!

Another Maybelline beauty is the colossal volume express smokey eyes mascara. This is so pretty! Volume & length. It is really nice as a single layer and it is also nice to build it up! This one is £7.99

Lastly is the L’oreal liquid liner. It is so easy to apply – really nice applicator. The little inner corner can scrape off though and it’s kinda annoying… but i really do love it! Does a perfect solid line no flakes! Really nice liner 🙂 £6.49

So I hope you try one of my favourites and I hope you end up loving it too! I’d love to know which products you loved this year – maybe comment below and share! Look out for the rest of my 2014 favourites!

Thanks a billion for reading my post(s)

& I hope you are having a brilliant start to the new year! Happy 2015!!

Stephanie x


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