MAKEUP: My top 5 brushes of 2014

Hey there! So I have another product/range of products to post about today! I think I said yesterday that it was the end of the series yesterday – but hey, I thought of more, hope you don’t mind!

So, good makeup is well and good, but I firmly believe, if you don’t use the right tools, you will likelyend up with a disappointing finish. There’s no point in spending £50 on an eyeshadow palette if you apply it with your fingers and try and blend it together, making it just end up like a brown-coloured mess! (I don’t know why brown… Mine always just turns mud-coloured when I haven’t blended properly!!) So, I feel you can get away with using cheaper products, whether that be eyeshadows or face products, as long as you apply it with a brush that works effectively.

So, here are my top 5:

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The first brush seen above is the no.7 Eyeshadow blend and contour brush. This one amounts to £7.25. I have had this beauty for about 3 years now, so let’s just say that this one lasts a long long time! This is easy to wash out – no product left in it at all, which I really like in an eye brush. The tip is soooo fluffy and I find you get a really beautiful finish with this one! I wouldn’t say £7.35 is expensive for an eye brush.. considering i’ve had this 3 years… that’s like less than £2.50 each year! This one will last me much longer too – basically none of the wee hairs have fallen out. A must-have for eyeshadow application.

Eco tools powder brush is the next one above. This one costs £9.99. For a while I had been using this one for all over face powder, but recently i discovered a better use for it. I love this for contouring my face. it leaves such a light, natural finish and I think it is just perfect for everyday use. I do recommend it for all over face powder as well as it does leave a lovely finish however I feel it is more effective with contouring/bronzing.

The next product seen above is the Eco Tools Angled brush costing £5.49. I got this earlier last year and I have used it everyday since. I’m not too sure what this is recommended for, but I find it it just perfect for applying powder to my brows! The brush is not too flimsy and also not too thick, leaving the perfect, natural strokes for the brows. For less than a tenner I insist that you try this out!

The next product is one that I tried earlier this year and obviously, I loved it! This is the Real Techniques Stippling brush. This takes £10.99 out of your purse, but is a complete gem for your makeup bag! This was the first of the real technique brushes that I tried and all I need to say is, since then, I have bought 2 more. So how do I use this one? I like to apply my foundation in little pumps for each section of my face. I apply a little pump and apply it using my finger tips. I rub this in, still using my fingers, until it has almost set. Once it is at this stage, I get the stippling brush and buff it into my skin. This gives an absolutely flawless finish. No sign of foundation anywhere – your skin, but better! I’ve had this about half a year and it has kind of puffed out a bit… because I am guilty of stippling a bit too hard.. BUT it still gives a flawless finish and this is a makeup must have!

The last product I have to talk about is the Real Techniques powder brush. This is the newest edition to my makeup collection and it’s already in my top 5!! This one sells for£12.99. Yes, this does seem a bit much for just a powder brush, but it’s not just a powder brush. This is brilliant for an even-distribution of your powder. Whether this be to set your foundation (I’ve found some brushes can leave a cakey-finish) or simply to dust over some powder over your moisturiser, it will do the job beautifully. I like to buff a very small amount of powder into my skin. Not only does this evenly distribute the powder, but it also blends and buffs your foundation in. It is a very dense powder brush, which I was a bit uncomfortable with using at first, but once you get used to it you will find all kinds of uses for it. I do recommend this one to you, maybe pick it up when it is buy one get one half price – I have found there are often offers like these for Real Techniques brushes, so keep your eye out!

So that is the end of my favourite 5 brushes of 2014. I would love to know about yours! I don’t have many favourite eye brushes if you have any suggestions/recommendations, i’d love to know!  Also, each of these products are available in boots, that’s where I was getting the prices from. You can, no doubt, get these a bit cheaper else where, but I just used a reliable shop pricing. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading my blog, much much love,

Stephanie x


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