Favourite movies

Hey, I know i’ve done a post already today, but earlier I was having a conversation about good movies that I would classify as my favourites. So, I thought I would share these with you guys! I hope you try one of these out and even better, tell me about your favourites in the comments below! I have 4 sections Scary, Funny, Chick flick & Kids movies. So, on with my faves!


download (4) evil-dead download (5)

So, from about mid- 2014 I have become a huge fan of scary movies. Have to admit though, I can’t watch these without my boyfriend to hide my face on his shoulder! So, My favourite? Well, I have 3 –

Dead Silence

This is by far my favourite. Amazing story line. Without giving too much away, a puppeteer did shows, a boy laughed and it all went down-hill from their. This is brilliant. I screamed a few times and jumped billions! Highly recommend this one! Fantastic scary movie.

The Evil Dead (2013) 

This is a brilliant remake. I’ve seen this, not the older ones. The story line is about a drug-addict who goes out to a cabin in the woods with her family and friends for support. A book is found and all goes downhill from there. Really brilliant. Lots of jump-scares and a fantastic story-line. I do recommend this one to you – yenno, if you’re not too scared!


Creepy crime novelist guy gets obsessed and his daughter gets involved. Bad things happen (obviously) and it is just freaky, creepy and scary. I liked it.

Funny Movies:

download (6) download (7)

Grown ups 

I love a good laugh and you can’t get a better laugh than with grown ups! I just love this one. Really light-hearted film that you can’t keep a straight face through.

Grown ups 2 

I don’t care if you consider this cheating naming both movies, but they have nothing in common – same cast but completely different story line!

Due Date

Well this movie has Seth Rogen in it, so that basically tells you all you need to know! I loved this and have watched it about 10 times this year! Not going to tell you the plot of this one, so watch it yourself! – you won’t regret it! 🙂

Chick Flick Movies:

download (10) download (11) 200406-the-notebook

Mean Girls 

This ones a given. Every girl loves this. “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?”

Wild Child

Not overly sure why, but i have to admit my love for this one!

The Notebook

When you’re ready to get all your tears out you are ready to watch this one. If you haven’t seen this one you are making all the wrong decisions in life. This will always be an all-time favourite for me!

Childrens’ movies

download (8) download (9)

The Parent Trap

This is such a classic. I absolutely adore this one! I love the plot and just brilliant actors within the whole movie! (The one with Lindsay Lohan)

Toy story 2

Just an old fave of mine! If you haven’t seen this one I can’t recommend it more!

Toy story 1

Love this. Brilliant actors and such a lovely story! My particular favourite scene is when the scary toys all turn out to be lovely. Such a lovely lesson to be taught!

So I what about you? Have you any favourites that you recommend to me? I’d love to know about it! I love watching new movies – especially scary ones!

Thanks for reading!

Stephanie x


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