Why you should moisturise!

Advertisements are always telling us to moisturise. Whether this be facial, body or even your hair, we all know that it needs to be done. But WHY?

When we wash our faces, we strip this oily coating off our skin (sebum). This makes us more susceptible to unwelcome, foreign microscopic bodies. It also leaves our skin exposed to the irritating, prematurely aging and even painful effects of the elements, pollution and cigarette smoke. By cleansing our faces with a gentle soap and then applying a layer of moisturizer, we help keep our skin hydrated, healthy and attractive.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t regularly moisturize your face if you’re not also regularly washing your face. To do so would only give you a thickening film of oil, dead skin and dirt, leading to many blocked pores and acne breakouts.

Personally, I apply a creamy cleanser (no.7) and gently wipe it off with a soft face wipe. This, as explained above, removes important oils on your skin that your face needs to keep your skin nice and healthy! I prefer using softer face wipes (baby wipes) because i like the gentle feeling on my skin. This removes all my makeup with a good and gentle cleanser. I then use moisturiser.

Your skin type is a very important factor when choosing the right moisturiser for you. Personally, I have combination skin. This means that depending on the time of year I could either be very greasy or reasonably dry. Here is a little online quiz that will let you know what skin type you have. http://www.sheknows.com/quizzes/what-type-of-skin-do-you-have

Since I started applying moisturiser to my face, I have found that my skin looks healthier, has less spots and is much smoother! People who have moisturised their skin from a young age also tend to get less wrinkles and also not as early as others would. It is a biiig part of the solution to younger looking skin which can save a lot of money compared to what it would be costing you to get all of these ‘age rewind’ products. I understand why people spend a fortune on their moisturiser, however I have found many cheaper alternatives that I think do the job justice! So, to save you from having to experiment – both finding little gems, but also finding rubbish products that just destroy your skin, I will let you know moisturisers I’ve loved … i’ll try and name a few that weren’t right for me too.


Nivea Daily Essentials

This one comes in 3 different skin types formulas – Normal & Combination, Combination & oily, Dry & sensitive skin. The price ranges from £2.99-£3.99. I love this. I love the formulas of each. I have used the Normal & combination and also the Dry and Sensitive. I find myself using the normal & combination most of the year, but in the colder months I do reach for the Dry & sensitive formula. The scent of these are also perfect – not overly perfumed … If that makes sense?

10125609 10125610

Boots – tea tree & witch hazel day moisturiser and Night treatment gel

One is £1.79 and the other £2.39. I love how these feel on my skin. They sink in immediately and leave a brilliant fresh feeling on my face. I use this when I find my skin is breaking out. It clears everything up, takes away the redness and is just, well, perfect! Perfect for those fighting spots/acne.


Boots essentials moisturising cream – cucumber scent

I love the smell of this! I apply this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It really hydrates my skin and has definitely cleared it up since I started using it. For £1.50 this is a complete steal. For all skin types? I’m not sure, I feel as though it may leave a greasy finish on those with oily skin. But, For those with dry/combo/normal, it is perfect!


No.7 Beautiful skin – day cream. 

This one costs £12.50. I got this last year and can’t say that I loved it! In fact, quite the opposite really! I thought the product was far too thick and just felt like it was very heavy on my skin. I prefer my moisturisers to have a lighter-finish on my skin so that it is a base for my makeup.

I don’t experiment overly much in moisturisers as I have found cheaper solutions for bad skin! If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear about them! Thanks for reading my post! 🙂

Stephanie x


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