5 good 2 bad: SEVENTEEN

I have tried loads of Seventeen products over the years that I have used makeup. So, I have a few that I love and a few that I definitely wouldn’t recommend, so let’s jump right in! 🙂


Seventeen – Define and Conquer contour kit – £5.99


This is a very decent product at a great price. The packaging is really nice with a big mirror for using on the go – gotta love a nice mirror! It come in 2 shades for either light to medium skin or medium to dark skin. I got the lighter shade as I am very pale & pasty! The bronzing/contour shade is a lovely colour with no orange tinge at all, it blends beautifully and gives your skin a lovely finish. Its not a really dark obvious contour shade, very natural looking. The lighter highlight shade isn’t shimmery at all, but it naturally lightens where you put it giving a lovely effect. I’m not sure how I feel about it because I am so pale… but it is a nice matte highlighter.The powder itself is a little powdery if that makes sense as in when the brush hits it it leaves loose powder in the pan, but I find it is really creamy – again, if that makes sense.. Very pleased i brought it! I also use the sleek contour kit and I would definitely compare it to this well known and loved product!


Seventeen Eye Crayon – ‘ICED’ – £3.99

This crayon is brilliant. It has such a gorgeous creamy texture that blends in beautifully! I use this as a base for on-the-go and it keeps my eyeshadow on all day! This is also a nice highlighter for the face as it is so easy to blend in. I can honestly say that it is one of the best  eye crayons/primers/bases that I have ever used and definitely recommend it.

17-Wow-1 download (12)

Seventeen – skin WOW highlighter – £5.99

As you can see from the image above the swatch of seventeen is the palest. This, for me, is perfect! It blends in beautifully and leaves the skin with such a gorgeous glow. No sparkles, no grit, not oily. Brilliant!

download (13)

Seventeen – perk and paint jumbo eyeliner £3.99

I love both ends of this pen. The highlighter is brilliant for my water line and my inner corner and brightens my eyes up beautifully! The black liner end is brilliant. It can be blended beautifully for a smokey eye or even layered for a dark & intense line.


Seventeen – Smoulder gel eyeliner £3.99

This is really brilliant – very pigmented and it glides on brilliantly. I apply this with a dried out felt tip liner. However, you must be careful to always put the lid back on properly or it will dry out. This is comparable to the maybelline and rimmel gel liners that cost around £10.



Seventeen- smokey eye trio eyeshadow – £5.49

This is an awful product that I hated. It is cakey and powdery. has weird bits of glitter in it. Very pigmented, so it was just too much for me.


Seventeen- make your mark felt tip £3.99

This one, for me, is rubbish. It had no pigment and it didn’t stay on my eyes whatsoever. My friend, however, loves it so each to their own I guess!

I could go on and tell you about billions of products in seventeen. Hmm.. I’ll give you a list without a huge review:

– Wild Curls Mascara – Gives you a beautiful curl to your lashes

– Doll’d up Mascara – Does what it says on the tin – wide-eyed finish to your lashes.

-Blusher – They have a brilliant range of blushers – matte and shimmered. Brill pigment!

Ok well that will do! Thanks for reading! Let me know about the products that you love/hate in this brand!

Stephanie x


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