LUSH vs The Body Shop

Hi there! So I am a person that believes that healthy skin, nails, hair etc. are a hugeee factor of feeling beautiful. Like, a bad-hair day, I don’t know about you, but I’m embarrassed to go out the door! So, I definitely believe that we should all give our body some loveeeeee … no not like that – With nice products!

Honestly, The body shop and LUSH are a bit too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis. I know that you can get some lovely products for much cheaper. That’s why the first time that I have ever gotten myself some products for ME was on boxing day – the boxing day sales! I’ll start with The Body Shop … seeing as it was the first delivery to arrive at my house I think it’s only fair! 😛

WP_20150116_005 (1)

The two little tubs you can see to the left are the ‘Born Lippy™ Pot Lip Balm’ in ‘raspberry’ and ‘watermellon’. The two bottles next to these are the ‘Rainforrest shampoo’ one for dry hair and the other for greasy. Lastly, to the far right is the ‘Chocomania™ Body Butter’.

The Lip balms are gorgeous. They go on so smoothly and the flavour is amazing. I love the watermellon one – I find it so odd! Both balms leave a shine-finish … kinda like a gloss to be honest. I do recommend these and I can’t wait to try out the different flavours! The cost is £2. I’m not so sure about whether these are overly hydration or not, but still a lovely product to have on yo lips!

I’m yet to try out the shampoos so I won’t be reviewing them!

The body butter is a weird one. It is literally as hard as butter. I’ve never used a product like this one. When I am using this, I get a small bit and rub it onto the tips of my fingers until it has melted (like butter), then I apply it to the skin. The smell is amazing and I must say that it is deeply hydrating. I do recommend this one, but only as a luxury product… £1.50 for a littttllleeee amount of product.. I’m not sure if that can be classed as “affordable”.


Next is LUSH, I was sooooo disappointed in LUSH. I have heard only good things about this brand so I went in expecting the best service ever. I ordered my products on the 26th and received by delivery on the 12th of January. 3-5 day delivery my ass! But, I shall tell you about the products.

The little penguin is ‘The Christmas Penguin’ – £1.62

The 3 circular bars are the ‘Soak & Float’ and 2 bars ‘Ultimate Shine’ shampoo – £2.87

The little pot is the ‘Santa’s Lip Scrub’ – £2.75

The green dome is the ‘Sugar Scrub’ – £1.47

The sale prices are brilliant – hence me buying them. I’ve only used 3 so far, so I’ll tell you about them each.

The Lip scrub is good. I like the taste – cola flavour. I do find it messy to apply/use and I’m not sure if I find the balm once the sugar is away hydrating. However, I have only used it like 3 times so I can’t realllly say much about it yet… Who knows, it could be my January/February favourite! 😛

I used the exfoliating dome in the shower. I found that it is good for getting rid of rough skin – yes after just one use. But, I find that applying it and rubbing it in with the dome- like how it recommends, it is kinda sore! So I apply it using the dome, then rub it in using my hands! It definitely does exfoliate you well though!

Finally, saving the best for last, the solid shampoo. This claims to last up to 80 washes. That is the same as 3 250ml shampoo bottles. I kinda doubt this, but I will keep you posted on that one! I like that this is easy to rub in, it smells nice and it leaves my hair feeling squeeky clean. However, I think that the novelty of using a bar of shampoo may be a hugeeeeeee contributing factor of why people love these so much…. I mean, It left my hair feeling squeeky clean, not hydrated or nourished. Some people may argue with this and say that I should use their bar-conditioners too, but I have had past experience with these and honestly, I found them waxy and very difficult to get any product out of them!

I hope you enjoyed reading my little review-type-thing! Do you recommend any body shop/LUSH products? Do you think they’re over-hyped? Do you think they are worth the hype/ money? I’d love to know what you think!

Stephanie x


3 thoughts on “LUSH vs The Body Shop

  1. Sometimes I think both are pretty over hyped. Although, I really do understand the hype for some of the products. LUSH products have much better scents than the body shop. I find the body shop scents incredibly sickening after a little while. However, body shop products last longer and there’s more for your money when buying their products. Mixed feelings about both. Enjoyed your post! 🙂

    • Yeah, I definitely understand the market for LUSH – It not being involved in animal testing etc. I’m not sure about the body shop though? I’m not familiar enough with the two brands’ scents to be able to do a proper comparison between the two to be honest!
      Glad you enjoyed reading and thanks for the wee comment! 🙂 x

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