LUSH Review

So I did a wee haul a while ago including my The Body Shop products and LUSH products. Today i’ll be telling ya about what I think of the 2 products I have tried so far – the ‘Ultimate Shine Shampoo’ (round yellow product) and ‘Santas Lip Scrub’ (red tub).


I’m going to give you my honest opinion. I am disappointed. The lip scrub is messy and doesn’t really hydrate or even do much to my lips… It’s not what I thought it would be to be honest. You hear nothing but raves about these products, I don’t know, maybe this is just a dud product within the lip scrub range. Maybe the other ones are better, but I don’t think i’ll be running to try out the other ones!

And the shampoo bar? I am disappointed. This makes my hair kinda dry and frizzy… My hair will also get greasy the next day (which it doesn’t typically do) so kinda a bum product. Not for my hair type let’s just say. I won’t stop using this – I like to finish my shampoo products off – whether they are good or bad! But this without a doubt doesn’t compete at all with my Argan oil shampoo mentioned in the previous post.


So all-in-all, after the products being sent 3 weeks late I was very disappointed in LUSH. Such a raved about brand and all I have gotten so far is disappointment. Yet, I do remain hopeful for the other shampoo bar (soak & float) and the bath bomb (the little penguin). I will keep you posted on that once I try the products out.

Stephanie x


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