Clearing your skin!

I’ve noticed recently that my skin has improved like crazy! I’ve never been one who had acne prone skin, but I would get the occasional break out! So, I thought i’d quickly share my tips with you and see if they maybe help you too!

I drink lots more water now! It keeps my skin,mind and body hydrated!

I moisturise day and night with a cucumber moisturiser

Take off your face makeup at night time!

Before applying my foundation I would moisturise.

When I feel as though I am going to be breaking out (you know that weird feeling your skin gets) I like to use tea tree oil on my face!

My face is OK when it comes to spots. However, I do find that I get quite a few on my back. Have you got any tips on this? Would be really helpful if you could give me some tips!

Thanks for reading! And look out for some new how-tos on my page! 🙂

Stephanie x


2 thoughts on “Clearing your skin!

  1. I’m just in the middle of my series on skincare, but don’t worry I won’t be that annoying girl who advises you to go check it out haha. I have acne problems as well, and I’ve found when it comes to body acne, using a very mild, unscented body wash is helpful (I prefer Mario Badescu’s body AHA bodywash, it’s pricier than drugstore but I don’t have a great alternative to suggest). I also try to wash my back/body andf ace after I’ve washed my hair, so the shampoo and conditioner aren’t lingering on my skin causing breakouts. Same for any hair product, before I apply anything I make sure I have a T shirt on first. Make sure to moisturize your back as well with a mild lotion, I like the spray kinds simply because I’m inflexible and no one’s around to get my back for me every single time I shower haha. Hope that helps!

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