January’s monthly favourites!

So I feel as though I haven’t done monthly favourites in donkeys! I will try and do them each month – I swear! Ok, So let’s get on with it!



Catrice (single eyeshadow) – Starlight Expresso 

This little beauty often finds itself in my everyday makeup routine. This is brilliant. Very smooth, easy to blend eyeshadow. This is a very versatile color, it’s great for over the whole lid or in the crease. It doesn’t crease or fade. Amazing quality, it feels like a high-end eyeshadow. This month I have been using this as a lovely transition shade to make my eyes smokey.

Rimmel London Scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner – black

I love this thing! It stays on my eyes all day and blends beautifully! I’d say this is a dupe for Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners too! It applies very easily and is soft & gentle on the water line. It gives a great, highly pigmented colour and lasts so well on the water line- it is definitely waterproof, in fact I struggled to remove it no matter eye make up remover I used! If it was a little easier to use then I would definitely give it 5/5!

Maybelline – Rocket volum’ express mascara

I’ve had mixed feelings about this one. This month I have been using this with a lengthening mascara. This product fulfills most of its promises. It gives lashes volume and length. The good things about this product are the dark black color. Something I don’t like about this mascara is the brush. The bristles on the brush are too short, so I did originally find difficulty in using it! Not a favourite of all my mascaras, but it isn’t as bad as a few other mascaras I have tried!

So next up is my Argan oil shampoo. This made my hair so smooth and soft. Nice enough smell too! I think that it has helped promote hair growth for me and definitely made it look and feel healthier! Brilliant for bringing life back to your hair! Not completely sure which brand this is… soooooo on with the next fave!

L’oreal True Match Foundation

I have been loving this one recently! This one blends in beautifully to my skin! I like to use my hands to blend this into my face and then use a stippling brush (real techniques one) and it is my skin – but better! I 100% recommend this amazing product!

Soap & Glory Bronzer

I have been liking this one for contouring. It is a lovely light colour and perfect for everyday use! Gives me some subtle contouring! I recommend this one for the paler girls!

Collection – work the colour eyeshadow palette

I’ve found that this (For £2.99 on sale) is sooo worth it – no, worth more! It has 3 different kind of shades. all over lid shades, the crease and the outer- V of your eyes. I really like this for every day looks and does a gorgeous smokey-eye! Deffo worth a try!

I could talk to you about allll the products that i’ve been loving this month, but we may be here quite a while!

So, I’d love to know the products you’ve been loving! I’m actually hitting the shops on Sunday, so if you do recommend anything I like the sound of I can pick it up! Thanks for reading my post & Hope you have a brilliant weekend! 🙂

Stephanie x


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