LOVE your LIPS (for less than a fiver!)

We do a lot with our lips. We smile to show we’re happy, we kiss to show we love and we eat because … well… food’s nice! There is nothing more unattractive (in my opinion) than someone – anyone – with chapped dry lips! I donno about you, but I wouldn’t want to kiss someone with flakey lips like these! –


So I’m gonna talk to you about how I care for my lips!

Lips can become chapped or dry when they are exposed to the sun, wind, and cold or dry air. A lip balm containing petroleum or beeswax will provide a barrier and help seal in moisture. It is soooo important that you don’t bite this skin off! It’s also tempting to keep licking dry or cracked lips. However, this will only dry your lips more, as the saliva evaporates and the repeated licking or wetting “washes” the natural grease (the essential grease) off the skin.

What do I do when I have dry lips?

Recently I have had bad dry lips. But I have used products to fix this, and, they have! So lemmie tell you about what I like! Also , me being the ‘cheapskate’ that I am, I will only be recommending the cheaper (less that a fiver) products to you!

images (6) Makijaż ust Einstein lip therapy balsam pielęgnujący do ust 3,16g

Carmex and einstein lip therapy are both very similar products. They both feel as though they are kinda ‘burning’ the skin away! If your lips are chapped, these are the products to use! After about 3 applications, the chapped skin will be gone!!

download (17) download (18)

Nivea’s lip butter & The body shop’s Lip butter are both really indulgent products. I find that these are really nice to wear throughout the day. If your lips are feeling slightly dry, these will definitely bring you moisture! The products are both thick and creamy. I find that the nivea product is slightly more light/ liquidy on the lips while the body shop’s ones are thick and remain that way on the lips! I love both of these products and they both come in delicious flavours! However, I find that if your lips are properly chapped, these won’t do as good a job as the two lip treatments named above.

download (19) download (20)

EOS lip balm and Chaptick are the kinda products that I apply simply because I hate not having a product on my lips. The flavours are basically the only reason why I use these. I don’t find that they do much for my lips… like they don’t treat/ moisturise them. Both have certain products with SPF, so I guess that’s something! But, I do love the flavour choice in both brands, so I will continue to use them – just not for properly treating my lips. I do find though, If I am wearing these when my lips are smooth, they will stay smooth… In comparison to if i’m not wearing any lip product, they might dry out! Also, these are nice as a base for lip sticks… they are nice for matte lipsticks (Ones that dry the lips out!)

images (7)

Vaseline is one of the best known lip products. I find that this one just really isn’t for me. Not for my lips anyway! I think it is too oily for my lips… I just hate my lips feeling so greasy! Each of the different products that Vaseline offer have the same texture, so I just avoid these! BUT, I do apply this to my dry patches of skin like by elbows or even the heel of my feet at night time! It’s deeply moisturising for the skin, but I find it does very little for my lips!

download (21)

LUSH’s Lip Scrubs are what I use for when my lips are really chapped. I use this when the lips are flakey. I would apply this first and then moisturise my lips with a deeply moisturising balm! I don’t think this is any good for when your lips are just feeling a bit dry, but when your lips are properly flaking, this is brilliant! I’ve only used the santa lipscrub, but I have heard that the other products within this range are better? But, I’m happy enough with this one I guess!

So I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe even will pick up one of the products that i’ve recommended! And maybe you could recommend to me some good lip products that I should try out! Love your lips guys!

Stephanie x


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